The best place to eat in Barbados is in a carpark! TRUST ME.

I recently visited the beautiful island of Barbados! Jealous? There is one place I would recommend to eat here it is actually in a little outdoor fast-food place in the middle of a car park, called Just Grillin.
The food is so much better than fast food, its really authentic Caribbean dining at its best! Tasty wholesome and delicious food and super fresh, I had catch of the day mahi mahi with 2 sides, grilled vegetables and rice and peas with a lovely fruit punch ( hold the rum!).
You can get items such as fish platters; jerk chicken platters, fish/jerk chicken burgers and wraps, really great value to! Its true what they say about always dine where the locals dine! It’s such a popular place here. Go easy on the hot sauce though!
Strange concept, you place your order at a petrol style kiosk then take your ticket to another kiosk to pick up your drink then take a seat wait for your number to be called by a microphone, bingo style to collect it.  They have two locations on the island; the one I visited was in Rockley, 
Christ Church opposite The Accra Beach hotel (Great hotel BTW) they also have a second branch in Holetown, St James on the west coast of the island.
So get yourself to Barbados Immediately! You’re worth It! And enjoy a bit of Just Grillin in your life.