The NEON Museum, a Junkyard in LAS VEGAS.



The Neon Museum, Las vegas,
I don’t know why? but I love old meets new, old pieces that tell a story, have character and charm in a world of commercialism, modern clean lines and efficiency.  The neon museum  really appealed to me, so off I went whilst on a little Vegas trip. The Neon museum is a boneyard with lots of vintage Vegas signs that have been donated or rescued and all displayed in a little yard north of freemont street.
There’s real eary feeling in the air here, this yard told so many stories of an age and time of different people who created them, you get a feel for the history of this crazy city and changes in trends and technology from the 1930’s to the present day. You are taken around the yard and told so many different facts and stories and I was able to get at least 30000 selfies!!
The tour takes just over an hour and is around $18 pre booked in advance with  Japanese tourists snapping away included as standard.
You start the tour in the visitors centre which is inside the former La Concha Motel lobby, a space age style of architecture known as googie, this was designed by architect Paul Revere (feels familiar huh?) my name being Paul Reavey (close) perhaps why I feel so drawn to this place? The La Concha was demolished in 2005 and was originally on Las Vegas boulevard next to the Riviera.
So if your ever in Viva Las Vegas, check it out! and of course, you can also get married here! what a cool setting. #Ido