OMG SANTORINI, why YOU have to go!!

What a breathtakingly special place, I just love Greece it has my heart, the people, the food, scenery its just so special.

I flew with Norwegian airlines from an insanely busy and stressful Gatwick, school holidays were in full swing, a little delayed due to air traffic control issues, I was close to a breakdown when on the plane they announced the onboard wifi wasn’t working!! Yes I know #firstworldproblems, but no gin left either (even though we were sat on row 1!) this broke me, not great NORWEGIAN, so  I’m pleased that Im going back to my beloved easyjet on the fight home, Im sorry I cheated on you Easyjet, I won’t do it again.

standard santorini pose

Arrived quite late it was around 11pm and totally dark, it would have been such a great impression arriving in the day time. I  stayed at The Mystique hotel, this really is spectacular.I just cant put into words (the whole point of a blog) how amazing the place is, the views,  the really friendly attentive staff, so welcoming, so exclusive and luxurious, champagne breakfast check, infinity pool check, private room jacuzzi check!!!

I didn’t realise Santorini is a caladrea (the side of a volcano!) Which is what makes the place so unique, it would be amazing to cruise into Santorini, to really capture the magic and see the island as you cruise in.

I also spent a few days at The luxury collection hotel, The Vadema spa, again really high standards, more typical grecian architecture  and located inland within a small village, but they do have a private section of the nearby beach, where I spent the day, drinking mythos and enjoying the sunshine and wondering if I should emigrate here! The hotel puts on shuttle service to the beach and also  to the famous and iconic Fira, where I explored over several nights.

I just cant tell you how much I loved and enjoyed Santorini. You really must go!

My advice is try and book early in advance as flights are really expensive in comparison to other similar routes, and it really holds its prices, I booked my ticket a year in advance with Norwegian and inbound ticket with Easyjet.

Here is a great guide book  greek


i can’t keep calm!!

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in room jacuzzi