LIFE UPDATE, I’m no Longer living ‘the Freedom lifestyle’ :(

So I’ve gone a lil quiet recently and I thought I would update you all, unfortunately I had to make the decision to return back to working life.  If you didnt know about my journey with Amazon then take a look at this and also this


Due to the usual pressures and instability of where my business was and all my eggs were in one basket, so to speak. In order to grow it I’ve had to take my hands out of the cookie jar. Cashflow is king and all that and I was spending too much of it putting things under pressure. So I guess a £60k a year business isn’t enough to live on full-time ( for me anyway as Im greedy and spoilt) here’s to £100k a year.

Also throw a divorce into the equation (although we never married, but 16 years together) we own a lot of financial assets/liabilities that we need to address. So I will have to move, secure a new mortgage deal etc. So for now I have a job and I have to say I’m super lucky as I really enjoy it! When I read the job spec, it’s as if it was written for me! So its great. Although it doesn’t beat the freedom of earning a passive income and working from home. Nothing will beat that!

So welcome to the Freedomprenuer (previously my blog was called the Freedom Lifestyle, what do you think?) and what a perfect time to join me in my mission to make a 100k a year passive business, I will give you more updates on my progress, so don’t forget to subscribe.
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So for the last 3 months I’ve been really focusing on my new job role, luckily I had a huge order of stock arrive just before I started that has turned over steadily and has allowed me to be very hands off for the last three months, but I’m ready to build up some momentum and new stock lines and different income streams again.

results today

So that’s where I’m at, hope youre doing great? I do get lots of emails from people each week and it really is so amazing to hear from you! This Amazon/passive income life can be pretty lonely! So I’m here to offer advice and help, so get in touch and join my facebook page,

Paul x