How I’m going to achieve my business Goals for 2017 and earn over £50000.


Well it’s that time of year isn’t it? New me blah, blah,

by putting my goals out I am using accountability and putting things down in black and white, each month we can see how I am progressing, so get involved and set some goals of your own. Did you know that you are more likely to stick to a goal if you write it down?

I am intending to show my progress with monthly income reports, I hope it will be a great motivator for me and maybe you? I will be able to keep focused and monitor my progress against specific measurable targets! here is a free goal planner to download, I love black and co, check them out.

At the end of the blog, don’t forget to comment and tell me one of your goals for 2017?  I will check back to see how you are getting on.

1.Amazon business, £120k 30% return of £40000.

this year I will need to become VAT registered, build my various own brands and really focus on my private labelling strategy. This is my absolute number 1 priority as this brings home the bacon (actually vegetarian fake bacon)

If you didn’t know My main source of income is through selling on Amazon here in the UK and Europe, take a look at these blog posts How I made over £50000 gross sales selling on Amazon! and How I earn a living by SHOPPING!

you can quickly learn everything you need to know about retail arbitrage through this amazing book


This e-book will show you how to sell products online by buying low and selling high, the best products to sell, how to buy and sell online and how and where to buy cheap products, it really is so easy to make money online and earn extra income by making money on eBay and Amazon.

2. eBay business,£12000 turnover with a high profit margin of £5000 40% gross profit.

I would like to quickly become an eBay power seller, being a power seller gives you,

  • Priority customer support
  • Unpaid item protection
  • A power seller badge on listings, this gives customers more buying confidence
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY  20% discount on final value fee’s

Selling on eBay is an easy way to add an additional income, I think I can feel a separate blog coming on about eBay, my main source of income is Amazon, but its good to have multiple streams right?

This course is all about how to become an eBay power seller and is amazing value at around $5!

3. Read a book a month.

I love reading factual books that not only help motivate me but that I can also learn from. I will pop a list at the bottom of the blog of the books I will hopefully read. Let me know if you can recommend any?

Here’s my first one, as you probably now Im a huge fan of Tim Ferris.


5  listen to more podcasts and audio books.

I was a very lucky boy indeed and santa brought me an amazon echo for christmas, thank you santa Claus!! OMG I love it!!! I will review it soon, Its a kind of speaker, but you speak to activate it, I’m hoping to link my lights up to it soon to so I can turn them off and on through the echo! You really should get one!

amazon echo.JPG

I like to use audio books it’s just £7.99 a month, you can easily cancel after a months trial if it’s not for you. I listen to books all the time on the train, at the gym, walking around and now at home through my lovely Echo!

6. Grow my blog to 500 views a day.

I’m going to do this with really great content and build up my own list of followers, I would like this to be earning a passive income in 6 months, so by June! I’m hoping that I will be able to work with some brands, I will let you know how this goes. My specific target is 500 views a day, I’m currently at nearly at 50!

I’m using this e-book and strategy to help me to get to this,


I found this on Pinterest, by What Mommy Does, a blog about encouragement and resources for stay at home moms (or mums if in the UK) I’m a pug mum so this applies to me right? I will report back how it works.

6. Business Coaching

Helping people to add an additional income to their lives is so rewarding and it is something that I really love. I’m offering to coach 1-2 people a month ( so I’m looking for around 12-24 happy customers! Im currently coaching my first 2) get in touch If you would like to be one of these.

7. Matched betting,

I would like to explore this in more depth in 2017.

Matched betting (also known as back or lay bet matching, or double betting) is a betting technique used by individuals to profit from the free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers. It is generally considered risk-free as it is based on the application of a mathematical equation rather than chance.

I have challenged my sister to a race, the last person out of us to £5k in results, buys our break away somewhere over new year 2017/18! come and join us in the race!

I’m trying to learn al about matched betting by using the profit accumulator platform, I will go into more depth about this after I have tried it for a bit longer! So bear with me!

8. Mr Paul’s own online training course.

Perhaps in retail arbitrage? or Private labelling? On line training courses are a win win for everybody, I can pass on some knowledge and skills and earn a passive income from this truly living #theFreedomLifestyle

9. Launch a shopify store by August.

Again currently exploring this option, one possible strategy is hosting a store on shopify and promoting this using Facebook target advertising and drop shipping a niche product range from Aliexpress.

10, take take take is ugly right, my final goal is to GIVE back,

Perhaps charitable work or some kind of sponsored challenge?!  I really want to do something in my local community, I will report back on this, watch this BLOG space.

Finally, if you liked this blog post, I would really appreciate it if you could share it through your social media, find the like and share icons at the bottom,. This will help in building up some traffic, thank you so much x MR PAUL.

BOOKS 2017



22 thoughts on “How I’m going to achieve my business Goals for 2017 and earn over £50000.

  1. Jeez, you’ve just listed all my goals! I’ve been a PA affil for the past year and matched betting for 1.5yrs, I’m aiming towards power seller on ebay with my products, I’m in the process of getting my first PL sorted and aim to be selling for Feb 2017. I would love some advice re shipping or if you could point me in the direction o a UK PL mentor? Love the books you’ve recommended, I’m currently reading Tony Robbins, Money Master the Game in prep for his UPW London seminar in April, I take it you’ll be there too?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Natalie, thanks for your comment, I will be checking on your progress, if you could keep an eye on mine, please add me on Facebook, instagram, bebo, myspace lol its great to connect with like minded peeps! I am your man for mentoring for PL I have Pl 5 products so far, I have an amazing freight forwarder who will completely look after shipping for you, drop me an email and I will send you details, Im not sure Tony Robbins UPW is for me, I’m gonna watch his movie on Netflix next week. So maybe I will be there fist pumping, I’m thinking of going to Shaa Wasmuds bootcamp 9th Feb ( check out the Freedom collective on Facebook) thanks again x


  2. That would be awesome, thank you! I’ll send you over an email. I haven’t come across Shaa before so I’ll look him up. Love discovering new people!
    You would so love UPW, I went last year and it really was so much fun! I was worried about it either being really American or really British where everyone is too uptight to take part…but I was so wrong- huge European crowd and everyone just wanted to have a good time. I left being uplifted and motivated and met some really great contacts too. Highly recommend it! I’ll be there so be sure to get in touch if you do decide to go and I’d be happy to meet up. X

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You have great goals, I love you’re so ambitious. I am sure you have all it takes to accomplish all of those goals. I haven-t decided yet what my goals for 2017 are, except for losing some weight, but learning about your goals just inspired me. I’ll be back to your blog to read more about this stuff. How to sell on ebay sounds interesting, maybe you’ll write more about that.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you so much, yes I def need to shift some fat after the amount I consumed over the festive period!! I would really recommend a fitness group on Facebook called RH fitness! its a great group, everyone is calorie and macro counting the old fashioned way no fads. just calories in versus calories out, people are getting amazing results and supporting each other.I will def write a blog on eBay. I will let you know when I do. Many thanks for your lovely comments x


  5. Loved reading your goals – very inspirational and I think we’re def on the same money-making wavelength! I’m new at the side hustle thing and two of my major goals this year are to build up to £2000 per month and experiment with passive income. I’m also trying to read one personal finance book each month. I’m a bit late to the Tim Ferriss game – I’ve only just bought 4 Hour Work Week but Tools of Titans looks great too. Would be interested to hear your review after you’ve read it! The best money book I’ve read recently is Your Money or Your Life. It’s about being more aware of the money that flows into and out of your life and working towards financial independence. It had a really big impact on my mindset. Good luck with your goals and I’ll be following you to see how you get on!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Impressive goals!

    I’m about to give matched betting and Profit Accumulator a try- have you started yet?.

    If I can build up a bankroll I will be aiming to give Amazon FBA PL a try. How much do you think is needed to start with FBA in the UK?

    Doing something charitable sounds good, there are so many homeless people in Brighton and Hove that it would be good to do something to help.

    Good luck!



    1. I haven’t started yet, I did give myself 2 hours Friday and Saturday, but something came up, will catch up later with a few hours research.
      You could start Amazon RA (retail arbitrage) with £300 and build up some capital, I would advise to start PL with around £1500 to £3000, depending on what product you start with. I have a lot of great manufacturer contacts and an amazing freight forwarder, let me know when you are ready.
      I am working on my 9 and 10 goal combined together at the moment! I am going to launch something Feb 1st its really exciting! ( for me anyway!) thank you for the comments Joe.


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