My TOP items I’ve bought and sold on at a profit!

If you want to know more about what is Retail arbitrage take a look at this

So here’s a few of my recent purchases, I hope they inspire you to ‘Be On the LookOut’ #bolo

Randomly I came across FakeBake products in Boots* reduced to £7.50 each, they had 5 left so I bought them all and I even got 20% off with a voucher, so £6.00 each.

*Boots is a UK drug store similar to CVS

at the time of purchase, #116109 sales rank,

They each sold for £30.50 plus postage costs (I had to sell these merchant fulfilled rather than FBA) but all sold within 2 weeks.

So £30.50


– Amazon Fee £6.25

-My Hermes postage £2.80

-Cost £6

= £19.44 profit x 5 £97.20 

Now this below was the ultimate find, keep a look out for this beauty! Lovely Persian The (pronounced tea) by Crabtree & Evelyn, I was concerned that the sales rank being over #153110 that it would take ages to sell so I just bought the one! BIG MISTAKE!! It actually sold the very next day at £119.95 plus £3.99 postage! Obviously I was straight online trying to find and buy more, but all sold out! grrrr!




-£4.99 My Hermes signed for post

-£39.99 unit cost

= £60.96 profit margin!



I have to mention that I’m ungated to sell within the beauty category on Amazon, a category quite challenging to be ungated in, but not impossible, here’s a great article with some advice on how to be ungated if you already sell on Amazon or you could sell these items freely on eBay.

Happy Shopping!




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  1. I need to look in to this. I’ve never heard the term arbitrage before. Sounds like you made a good profit!

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