Setting goals for 2018

setting goals for 2018

Setting goals for 2018. Ok so it’s that time of year to set some goals! People with written goals are 50% more likely to achieve than people without goals, not having a goal is a bit like trying to plan a trip without knowing the destination. When setting goals you could use the S.M.A.R.T technique?






Make sure you write them all down somewhere, here’s a FREE download to create your own vision board, or monthly goal planner I do love blackco printouts, check them out, they will help you keep your goals organised in order and written down to refer back to. Writing a goal down in is a very powerful motivator.

Create a plan to achieve each goal, set yourself some targets and refer back to your goals each month.

Keep your goals to no more than 5-7 So you can really keep focused on achieving the results!

setting goals for 2018

Here are some of mine, I’ve put them here so they are somewhere for me to keep focused and accountable.


1. My own niche Shopify store.

2. Instagram, grow and capitalise on this growth

3. Continue to grow my blog

4. Continue with my success with Amazon, focused on Private labelling


5. Move house (nearly sold my flat at the end of 2017, just back on the market now)

6. Make my 40th year on the planet the best! (Ssssh keep it quiet, I don’t want a fuss)

So what do your goals include for 2018? Comment below, I would love to hear from you.

Maybe you also want to sell and make money online? Heres a post I wrote about selling on Amazon,

How To Successfully Use Amazon FBA to Sell products Click Here!

Or perhaps you would like to write your own blog? I’ve just moved my blog over from to .org so I can fully host and control the site myself. (more about this soon!)

I’m using bluehost, you can also get the special offer of $3.95 a month,

I use bluehost as its super easy and the best value way of hosting your own blog.

setting goals for 2018


Here are some tools and motivation I use to drive my goals.



Johnny FD, his travel like a boss podcasts are now available on Spotify, they are so inspiring and discuss ways he and others have achieved digital incomes to live nomad lifestyles. Check it out.

The disruptive entrepreneur, I haven’t listened to this yet, but its on my list

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Goal cast  They are so motivating and I try to catch them almost daily and will help you to achieve your own goals

Jay Shetty


Some books I’m reading at the moment


Million Dollar Blog

Tribe of Mentors by my Favourite author Tim Ferriss

Money By Rob Moore

Instagram Secrets The only book to get about Instagram!

Also I like to listen to some these books on the treadmill, train, even in the background on my echo dot, I use Amazon Audible and usually get one book a month.

  • Your own library to build. Every audiobook is yours to keep. Even if you cancel.
  • Exclusive member-only deals with up to 70% off additional audiobooks.
  • Exchange for free. Swap any audiobook, anytime for any reason.




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8 thoughts on “Setting goals for 2018

  1. Hmm, I’m definitely gonna check the Million Dollar Blog! 😉
    And you’re so right about the power of writing one’s goals down – I started a habit off putting a tiny daily goals on paper and it makes life so much easier! 😉 = motivated & focused
    My goals? Start making money on my blog and enjoy my 30th year on this planet as best as I can! 😉

  2. I’ve written a very similar post outlining my goals for the year, I find it really helpful to have it written out as it sort of holds me more accountable! So far, I’m doing okay and hope you are too 🙂

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