Phân tích chiến lược marketing online của Samsung

Analysis Samsung’s online marketing strategy. Samsung – the leader in electronics world be successful as Currently It is impossible not to mention the effectiveness of marketing. The following content will be chia Sharing with you Samsung’s best online marketing strategies. Follow now posts Please!

Analysis of Samsung’s online marketing strategy

Samsung's online marketing strategySamsung’s online marketing strategy

Plan Samsung products

Samsung has reached culminate amazing with smartphone products, helping the brand transform a symbol of quality & reliability for consumers to use. Besides products, Samsung is famous for its services customer service The Samsung one is fine. DespiteTHE complete About the product is coast strong of plan Samsung’s marketing mix.

Strategy price by Samsung

Samsung’s online marketing strategy include two plan pricing. Let’s see these aim than Samsung towards.

Policy strategy Samsung’s low price

Samsung’s line of smartphones leads the market alongside Apple’s iPhone. Like Apple, Samsung too to use Cheap earn Good mark that the industry competitors their. For exampleGalaxy S6 And S6 Edge are Samsung’s new product brands with the slogan “Next is Now”. & pretend they are smartphones the most beautiful Never built.

Without a doubt, S6 Edge (64GB) sold for $180 become above phenomenon Global. Butwhat would be arrive when the competitor another is launching a smartphone with identical features? Easy. Samsung will discount now & simple attractive Samsung customers from competitor.

Price compete

It is one of the highlights on plan competition from Samsung. Due to the fact, no as smart phone, Samsung have difficulties by overcoming the competitor with other products (for example, Samsung difficulty by following vacuum cleaner products like the Roomba 650 & 880). Of course, Samsung is a real brand, However terms device line home appliances, it can’t outperform LG.

Besidesin the camera market, Canon & Nikon dominates the market. SOfor Samsung, to withstand this fierce competition, important thing is correct to use price compete. WOMENother than thatSamsung impossible “slow” at work creative And Product improvement, but they are people First of all introduce improvements.

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Strategy Samsung Advertising

Samsung has to use so much Public relations program, advertising, promotion in marketing plan exploit. certain let’s see marketing activities of Samsung has implemented these programs how Please.

Promotion in Samsung’s 4Psstrategy Communications Samsung to use Types of promotions types. Like Coca-Cola And Nike and Samsung believe that advertising is one of the forms display preferable to attract consumer to use potential.

Samsung’s distribution strategy

Strategy marketing That of Samsung is also very note to the distribution channel, SO Samsung has to use a lot Marketing channel dissimilarity. As can be seen, retailers or business have a production line with technology modern always put Samsung on their priority list.

In each city, Samsung always signs a contract with a distribution manager city ​​product there. This is considered plan hay And effective but pass there brought success for samsung so far.

Strategy location & Samsung distribution

Samsung presence across multiple channels dissimilarity on the market business works based on concept channel marketing in there There are three slices:

  • Agency business And service
  • Retail state of the art
  • Producer

Officers business And service to help manage key Samsung customers & participate in the activity sell of the company. These resellers can also open exclusive showrooms for Samsung.

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What is special about Samsung’s marketing campaign?

Samsung's online marketing strategySamsung’s online marketing strategy

direct sales

Samsung sees sales as marketing through people. Success or failure? according staff preparation. For Samsung, this offer method is based on a lot in the documents & data.

Samsung magazine release

Self-published magazine & published at Informations about Samsung activities for internal And Clients know the success of agents, distributerTHE invention idea marketing, Samsung news, contest results, employee awards & THE all of the information Samsung products…


Promotional tools often used by Samsung to use are catalogs, samples, films, slides, fairs & commercial exhibition And documents, tools developed business

Community relations

Samsung is still watching this is a chance For TO DO a beautiful picture of all work & Samsung products through the press And other activities which, in theory, Samsung does not have to pay for advertising.

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As we all know, Samsung is one of the business the biggest Global with hundreds of thousand staff. Samsung is a sponsor for so much funds and organizations such as Sydney Opera House, NSWIS Awards, Oceania Foundation, Australian Olympic Team, etc.


Strategy marketing from Samsung can not miss advertising. Prior to conducting an advertising program, marketing personnel should: respond Get the following 5 questions:

  • Aim What is advertising?

  • Costs How much?

  • Communication should be sent to

  • What media channels do you use?

  • Valued results by any?

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Create Super high-end segment

Samsung's online marketing strategySamsung’s online marketing strategy

Beforewhenever mention Apple, we will immediately think of Samsung because these two giants engage in fierce competition in each market. The most typical can say about smartphone, tablet, connected watch…

Howeverin years recently Samsung not only Faced with Apple, he must also fight against Chinese brands with ability take price manufacture weapons. Above, Apple, below, Xiaomi & Huawei, this competition makes Samsung somewhat out of breath. If there is no change, Samsung could gradually lose market share & See your competitors serve their customers

Segment Cheap What’s new in the future?

This will be where Samsung to use to fill its market share away from Chinese smartphone manufacturers. Planned business continue to popular features like AMOLED display beautiful sequinsbattery life sustainable with 1 drawing state of the art (If Samsung decides to add 5G connectivity, that would be great).

Butif the company listens notice user & If you upgrade the chipset configuration, your family members will have it sympathy with Samsung more than ever


Via the strategy marketing by Samsung above, it can be taken as a perfect proof of the business other reference And study. For business The most efficient development is you need TO DO THE plan marketing intense dissimilarity.

Besides SO abundant The product is also an advantage for business compete One Way easy, wise. let’s learn it marketing strategy of famous brands to be able to achieve the results that we desire. Good luck.

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Through the article above, I have shared with you the analysis Samsung’s online marketing strategy. I hope this article will bring you a lot of useful information. Thanks for following this post!

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