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Brands need to differentiate themselves in the market to makes Their products have become popular.

Brands at the top don’t necessarily spend tons of money on branding, they to use plan brand management to elevate your name in a way for all time.

So how do you effectively manage the brand? Our next article will summarize some brand management principles, stay tuned!

What is Brand Management?

Brand management is understood as the application of marketing skills to a specific product, product line, or brand in order to increase the perceived value of a product. consumers Since there increase brand equity, ability franchise transfer. )

Brand management is a process building customer confidence in a brand from there do them transform Loyal customer the company through positive activities and images. From there, leave an impression in the mind of the customer by creating a brand identity strong.

There are many people who are still confused between Branding and Brand Management. So what is the difference between branding and brand management?

the difference between branding and brand management

Progress but business build and grow a brand from scratch also called Branding.

In at this moment Brand management is the next part, the way business protect, maintain and develop reputation by monitoring, replacing, modifying when important.

Principles of effective brand management

1. Definition your brand

Lets go begin with the very heart of a brand – count unique, aimvision, brand image, philosophy and values.

Be careful of THE Good mark the best of the brand, which helps you will be transmit what is essential and beautiful better at the product/service than you bring.

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There are dozens of cases Most importantwhere the business rich available ready to spend millions to buy “little fish”, and then yes very quickly pitifully sold to reduce losses.

defining your brand

Microsoft has already acquired Razorfish – a celebrity emerging in the field of digital marketing, But because of the disagreement between targetvision strategy between the two parties, Microsoft must very quickly released the Swordfish for $530 million, just 10% of the amount Windows owners had to spend in 2007.

2. The mark is a mirror image business model of the company Friend

Support and challenges business it’s up to you to maximize advantage The great potential of the brand ability to bring back.

Hoh like These exceptional people have built fortunes my career according to their own attraction.

Building a brand from a personal brand

Is there a brand? business It’s just an extension of the individual’s brand. Therefore, a brand should reflect what belongs In fact business your.

3. Take advantage of your own unique point

Indicate business Your uniqueness (USP – Unique Selling Proposition) sets you apart from other brands competitor. A For example impossible The old M&M’s “melt in your mouth, not in your hand”. The USP transforms this slogan into special point distinguish M&M’s from the type other sweets. Brand differentiation is key to M&M’s success.

For TO DO your uniqueness, you must understand the product and business your Fit with the market at any time.

What works for Is this product different from the competition? Is it more durable or is it? costs more rational? And business How is yours different? Is it more creative or more stable? Anyway, please grasp clearly He. And write it down. Example: “Company ours is the most creative person and product on our side is the most fashionable.

When you Satisfied grasp clearly Your USP, use it as a message necessary count attract. to use This like the spirit in marketing solutions your, you will be surprised at frequency He appear.

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Be creative and innovate a message necessary However do not forget integrate your USP.

4. Multidimensional consultation

The employees are hardworking, diligent business completely maybe transform THE right arm effectively, boldly and honestly express their feelings about the brand. This ability bring for you get a good result incredible surprise.

There That’s exactly what online fashion retailer Zappos has done to change the way customers perceive the brand.

So keep in mind: reference Multi-dimensional opinions (can come from qualified employees of the company) on the brand, before launching them in the market.

5. Use brand management software

People come and go, processes and products change, But your brand is invariable. The steady growth of the brand is necessary, However main brand Never change is allowed.

Condition for the advancement of the brand by manage skills visual elements that represent the brand. The color palette and logo must be to safeguard in your branding software to transform your brand the company.

Administrative system The most comprehensive brand in the market is digital asset management (DAM). DAM allows you easy to safeguard digital assets such as images, videoversion giftlogo, to file design, documentation and other brand assets with metadata abundant For ability seek and share better.

If you in progress to use Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or a storage system to file another cloud maybe you have to more than that and move on to a solution More advanced brand management.


Brand management – Brand management Be To refer to engage customers with the brand. TO WITHDRAWyou need must transmit Exactly brand value with practical experience that the customer ability received when to use Products.

You should not just copy the successes of your competitors, but stick to them and make adjustments Fit with core values organisation.

The results will surely make you feel as and satisfied.

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Minh Thao – Synthesize, edit
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