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Entrepreneur Phan Linh known as a successful businessman, and at the same time he is the husband of singer Bao Thy. The following content will provide more information businessman Phan Linh, Take a look at the article below.

Who is businessman Phan Linh?

At the end of October 2019, the content that the 8x singer was about to get on the flower car spread throughout the online community, many newspapers tried to contact Bao Thy to determine the truth, but the singer did not haven’t really spoken yet. . about this content.

But with the “top top” talent of netizens, all the information about Bao Thy’s husband is also little known. And after the last opening and closing hours, Bao Thy officially acknowledged that she was about to get into a flower car to go to her husband’s house, the wedding took place on November 16, 2019, in a restaurant district 1 luxury. , Ho Chi Minh City.

Privacy information of entrepreneur Phan LinhWho is businessman Phan Linh?

As the news spreads more and more and the wedding gets closer and closer, the public is more and more curious to know what Bao Thy’s husband looks like?

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Who is Bao Thy’s husband?

  • Real name: Nguyen Phan Linh
  • Year of birth: update
  • Born in: Ha Tinh
  • Occupation: commercial

Entrepreneur Phan Linh According to what has recently been revealed, it is clear that Bao Thy’s husband is called Phan Linh, an older businessman than his age from Ha Tinh.

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Privacy Information

Phan Linh knows the singer’s family well, is a business friend with her family, he is also the one who wants to marry Bao Thy as soon as they meet. However, it took some time for the singer to have feelings and recognize her acquaintance with Phan Linh, and then they continued their silent love for many years.

Today, the wedding of Bao Thy and businessman Phan Linh took place at the church in Ho Chi Minh City. Her wedding ceremony brought together nearly 100 relatives, friends and 5 close colleagues including: singer Vuong Khang, Glory, Ngo Kien Huy, MC Quynh Chi and Thuy Ngan.


Moreover, in August last year in the Maldives, Bao Thy received a “super giant” diamond engagement ring from Phan Linh. This work also partly reveals the terrible family background of Bao Thy’s husband.


Bao Thy’s real name is Tran Thi Thuy Loan, born in 1988 in Ho Chi Minh City. In 2006, she rose to fame when she participated in the Miss Audition pageant and achieved success in Teen Pop music in our country. In 13 years of singing, the singer chained the hits Tell me why, I’m sorry, House of roses, Princess of bubbles… In addition to singing, Bao Thy also acted as an MC.

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Young and successful businessman

The singer’s husband is Phan Linh, an older businessman from Ha Tinh who has been a close business partner of Bao Thy’s family for many years.

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Although very little of this businessman’s content is available to the public, but according to the singer’s recent sharing, her husband is a mature, decent and principled man who has many friends and partners. Additionally, the singer also points out that her fiancé is still in a state of discovery, negotiating with her brother to set up a schedule to take her traveling to the most beautiful and fun places just so she has good sleep and a relaxed mind.

Businessman Phan Linh Award

Although she admits that she has had a lover for many years, Bao Thy is very secretive before marketing, she has never publicly revealed her lover’s appearance. This makes fans extremely curious about the identity of this mysterious Bao Thy lover.

Bao Thy took pity on the person who spread rumors that her family forced her to marry an old husbandBusinessman Phan Linh Award

Entrepreneur Phan Linh Recently, in addition to all the marriage information that the once-famous singer with a string of splendid hits shared, people also got to “meet” Bao Thy’s fiancé. Bao Thy’s future husband is known to be called Phan Linh, a businessman older than his age from Ha Tinh. This is a business friend who can get to know the whole Bao Thy family, the couple develop feelings and continue to get to know each other.

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