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Entrepreneur Nguyen Thi Nga She is the powerful president of the BRG group, she is also vice-president of the board of directors of SeAbank. Thanks to her talents, she is mentioned as one of the most successful businesswomen.

Who is businessman Nguyen Thi Nga?

Entrepreneur Nguyen Thi Nga Biographical InformationWho is businessman Nguyen Thi Nga?

Nguyen Thi Nga was born on August 17, 1955 in Hanoi. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics from the National School of Economics. In addition, she has taken numerous economics courses in France, Germany, Japan and Australia. Ms. Nga is the first Vietnamese to be honored by being invited to study in George Town (USA) financed by Hillary Clinton’s fund, dedicated to managers of economic groups.

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The current position of businessman Nguyen Thi Nga

  • Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Southeast Asia Joint Stock Commercial Bank (SeAbank);
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of BRG Group.

According to Forbes magazine, she earned around $435 million in 2013 from the sale of golf courses and real estate.

This “general woman” brought BRG Group out of import-export before investing in a bank. Nga is consistently on Forbes’ list of influential women in our country.

Height and weight of business woman Nguyen Thi Nga

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The family life of Nguyen Thi Nga

Entrepreneur Nguyen Thi Nga married to Mr. Le Huu Bau, doctoral student who studied in Germany; Although she was held back in Germany to do some work, her husband still decided to return to Vietnam after that.

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Currently, she and her husband have two children, a son and a daughter, and they are both talented people. His son Le Tuan Anh is currently Vice Chairman of the Board of SeABank and his daughter Le Thi Thuy is currently Deputy General Manager of the bank and permanent Vice Chairman of the Board.

The journey of Nguyen Thi Nga

Start a business with BRG

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Nga went on to start her business in 1993 by establishing BRG Group – a multi-industry investment group. In 2000, she became a shareholder of Techcombank and was elected to the board of directors. She served as Vice Chairman of the Board of Techcombank in 2004.

Portrait of a powerful The journey of Nguyen Thi Nga

Its BRG group includes member companies such as:

  • SeAbank;
  • King Island International Golf Course;
  • Do Son Seaside Golf Resort;
  • Legend Hill Golf Resort;…

It is also known for its mergers and acquisitions deals, including privatized state-owned enterprises, private companies, and joint ventures.

At the time of 2006, once she divested from Techcombank, Ms. Nga invested and became Chairman of the Board of SeAbank. Finally, after many years of work, she left the chairmanship of SeAbank in 2019 in accordance with the regulations. In addition, the relatives participate in a series of other “ecosystems” under the BRG group managed by her.

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Become a real estate “boss”

From 1979 to 2000, businesswoman Nguyen Thi Nga tried many key positions in the garment and import-export industry. In 2001, Ms. Nga moved into a new direction in consumer real estate, hotels and real estate.

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Entrepreneur Nguyen Thi Nga Once the BRG group was born, she oriented herself to develop her activity by working in the field of import and export. However, later BRG extended its work to many other areas including consumer finance – financial institutions and real estate.

Steps to start a business

Vietnam Association of Private EntrepreneursSteps to start a business

January 1979-August 1992: import-export sales manager, Hanoi Cotton Textile Garment Company

+ September 1992-6/1994: import-export business manager, Société Générale d’Import-Export

+ 7/1994-1998: Managing Director, Hanoi Export Trading and Manufacturing Company

+ 1998-2000: Managing Director, Ngan Anh Export Trading and Manufacturing Company

+ January 2001 to present: Chairman of the Board and Managing Director, King Valley Co., Ltd

+ February 1998-September 2001: Member of the Board of Directors; first vice-chairman of the board of directors; Chairman of the Board – Asia Pacific Commercial Joint Stock Bank

+ 2002–4/2008: First Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors; Chairman of the Board – Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank

+ 03/25/2007–4/2008: Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors – Joint-Stock Commercial Bank of Southeast Asia

+4/2008–present: Chairman of the Board of Directors – Commercial Joint Stock Bank of Southeast Asia, Member of the Executive Committee of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Head of the Main Finance Sub-Committee and banks, member of the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN BAC) appointed by the Government, Vice-President of the Vietnam Women Business Council – VCCI, Vice-President of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of our country, Member of the Executive Committee of Vietnam – America Association, Executive Committee of Presidium Vietnam Planning Association

+ 02/2017–present: Board member of VEAM Corporation

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