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Contractor Le Hoai Anh The richest and most powerful businesswoman in our country. Through the article below, will add more all the information businessman Le Hoai Anh and his daily life, let’s look at the article.

Who is businessman Le Hoai Anh?

Businessman Le Hoai Anh Ms. BiographyWho is businessman Le Hoai Anh?

Le Hoai Anh is a well-known businesswoman in our country, she is known as a businessman with thousands of likes; Currently, she is the president of Thuy Loc Joint Stock Company (HAL Group) – a famous company specializing in the distribution of beauty care products, usually famous brands such as Shiseido, QI Spa, Anna cosmetics brands.

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Height and weight of businessman Le Hoai Anh

How tall is businessman Le Hoai Anh and how much does he weigh?

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The Hoai Anh in its youth

Growing up in Hanoi, she had a great childhood; She then attended Saigon General School, now a university of social sciences and humanities. She had to quit her school work because her father was unjustly blamed for a stroke and her mother was sent to prison for the crime that an employee of the assistant manager of her family business used a false signature and her son . borrow money to buy a house and spend it, she was a final year student, finished the first term, only a few months left before taking the school leaving exam.

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The first pieces

She started living at the age of 22, she sold all the jewelry she bought for her parents and continued to sell smaller things. She is a pioneer in the field of distribution, agreeing to export many products to the world market such as ginger, turmeric, ingredients for the production of skin care products to Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, etc

Before that, to earn an income, she had to drive trucks, buses and container trucks; While working, she enjoyed learning English, importing and exporting, and spent money in Singapore to study business management.

Start a career

In 1994, thanks to favorable export conditions, she opened a warehouse in District 11 and opened an agricultural products processing plant with large export contracts and a turnover of several million dollars. .

Entrepreneur Le Hoai Anh: A woman declares war on pedophiles |  Styling |  Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)Start a career

At the end of 1996, Shiseido cosmetics were exhibited at the Giang Vo exhibition (Hanoi), his company Thuy Loc became the head of exclusive distribution in Vietnam, since then all women know about this line of products.

Contractor Le Hoai Anh In 2005, Anna Spa was created with the aim of becoming a health care center and preserving the youth of women and men. On December 13, 2011, Ho Chi Minh City’s state-of-the-art relaxation center was opened in District 7, right next to Cham Charm Restaurant.

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I used to have a trillion then I lost it

Business contract

You could say that Shiseido is like a spiritual child who was nurtured, nurtured and cared for by me. When Shiseido wanted to buy back the sales, I didn’t want to sell, but I ended up giving them 68 distribution stores.

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The Thuy Loc company went bankrupt. Some of my real estate deals with friends and partners were also ripped off and appropriated. They thought I was “dead” can kick me more “dead”. I won a lot of money, I had trillions of dong, but I lost almost the same amount.

How did she overcome this challenge?

At that time, my mother immediately sold her land to give me money. My daughter, who is in Australia, has also amassed over $20,000 in savings after a few years of hard work. My husband too, the three have raised around $100,000 to help me right now pay the rest of the employees salary, pay all the insurance…

Entrepreneur Le Hoai Anh: A woman declares war on pedophiles |  Styling |  Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)How did she overcome this challenge?

Contractor Le Hoai Anh During the time when 30% of the staff turned away, the remaining 70% of the staff were very positive, still by my side at that time, and many people have started working with me until now.

There are friends like the owner of L’Occitane – the cosmetics brand I was supplying at the time – who quietly flew to Vietnam for my daughter’s wedding and then said, “I’m there, how can I help you??” He said he still believed in working with me.

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