Doanh nhân Trương Thị Phượng nữ đại gia Chanel

Entrepreneur Truong Thi Phuong Known as a successful businesswoman, a general woman of businessmen, she is also called Phuong Chanel. Through the following content, we will add more information about this business lady, find her and analyze her.

Information about entrepreneur Truong Thi Phuong

Information about entrepreneur Truong Thi PhuongInformation about entrepreneur Truong Thi Phuong

Phuong Chanel’s real name is Truong Thi Phuong, born in 1977, originally from Thanh Hoa, now living in Hanoi. Having the name Phuong Chanel is because this woman has a strong interest in the Chanel brand. This businesswoman was a physics student at the Lam Son School for the Gifted (Thanh Hoa). With this knowledge base, along with her intelligence, speed and determination, she quickly created success in the marketplace.

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Entrepreneur Truong Thi Phuong sets up a business

Phuong Chanel started her career selling real estate and resorts. However, the name of Phuong Chanel only really became known to the general public when the female giant got involved in the field of entertainment. Entrepreneur Phuong Chanel is quite famous in the showbiz world even though she is not an artist.

Most major events in the relaxation village are rarely done without it. Phuong Chanel is the originator of many artistic activities and sits on the board of directors of commercial and entertainment companies. Through the stories of a few showbiz personalities, Phuong Chanel is highly respected and respected by the artist world. This probably stems from his business background and sincerity, or helping others.

Nicknamed the “boss” of the relaxation village

Get up to 100 luxury cars. Moreover, Phuong Chanel is also a humanitarian and does a lot of charity for children with congenital heart disease. She is a single mother of two young girls. Revealing about the man in her life, she said: “He is the father of my daughters. He is a kind and intelligent man. We have problems but our concern is the children.

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On all important days of the year, we cook together, eat and play with our children. Our family still often travels abroad so that our children can lead a civilized life, orient themselves to the world, and above all bond and love each other.

Phuong Chanel: True “addicted” giants and tumultuous relationships

Being a person with a keen entrepreneurial spirit, Phuong Chanel may be very successful in the real estate or resort business, but later when he invests in the entertainment industry, Phuong’s name Chanel is really popular with everyone known.

In show business,

The 7x female giant is someone who has a close connection with big stars such as: Dam Vinh Hung, Ngoc Trinh, Vu Khac Tiep, etc. The image of her accompanying leggy boss Khac Tiep or lingerie queen to events or travel is all too familiar. The big jobs happening in showbiz all have the presence of Phuong Chanel, according to some sources, the 7x giantess is extremely respected by artists because she is talented and helps everyone.

The turbulent 6-year love affair between Phuong Chanel and Quach Ngoc Ngoan

On April 10, the news of the breakup of the couple Quach Ngoc Ngoan and Phuong Chanel after 6 years of love caused a stir in public opinion. Phuong Chanel actively confirmed the contents and joined the two never registered for marriage, so it’s not a divorce like many previous relationship rumors.

Phuong Chanel’s real name is Truong Thi Phuong. She is close to many artists such as Thanh Lam, Dam Vinh Hung, Ngoc Trinh, Vu Khac Tiep, etc. She loves wearing Chanel clothes, bags and accessories, so she is nicknamed Chanel Phuong Chanel. She was one of the loudest names in the case of Saint Co Co Boc which caused a stir in the entertainment industry for some time.

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Quach Ngoc Ngoan publicly dated Phuong Chanel in 2015 when his career was at its peak. The actor who lived through a rocky marriage to actor Le Phuong might be pretty tight-lipped about his relationship with Phuong Chanel later on.

Who is Phuong Chanel’s current husband?

Before publicly dating Quach Ngoc Ngoan, Phuong Chanel rarely mentioned the identity of her ex-husband in public. After breaking up with SuSu and SuRi’s biological father, Phuong Chanel had perfect love with Quach Ngoc Ngoan. Not so long ago, Quach Ngoc Ngoan shared in front of the media that the two have registered to get married and have an 8-month-old daughter together, whose intimate name is SuMi.

When did businessman Phuong Chanel get married?

Phuong Chanel: A businessman with an excellent education and not an average parenting styleWhen did businessman Phuong Chanel get married?

At the end of July 2020, Quach Ngoc Ngoan officially shared that he was quietly married and had a child with his girlfriend Phuong Chanel after 7 years of love. Although no wedding ceremony took place at the time, the two considered themselves husband and wife, having a family life with their newly born daughter named Sumi and Phuong Chanel’s two stepchildren, Susu and Suri.

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How many children does businesswoman Phuong Chanel have?

Phuong Chanel currently has 3 children.

SuSu, daughter of Phuong Chanel

** Rich kid 2k3 Susu – Who is Phuong Chanel’s eldest daughter?

After posting a photo of her eldest daughter in a bikini amidst a noisy divorce from Quach Ngoc Ngoan, the identity of Phuong Chanel’s daughter is being noticed by many people.

How powerful and wealthy is Phuong Chanel?SuSu, daughter of Phuong Chanel

Entrepreneur Truong Thi Phuong, one of the content that has recently caused a stir on the Internet, is the noisy giant and “fashionable woman” Phuong Chanel broke up with her 6-year relationship with Quach Ngoc Ngoan. The truth of the story is still unknown, however, amid endless netizens, Phuong Chanel suddenly posted a picture of her eldest daughter Susu (real name: Nguyen Uyen) wearing a bikini on the company.

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