Mua backlink báo chất lượng tại Hapodigital

Hapodigital provides a service Link to the newspaper quality, cheap price with nearly 40 logs to help increase the power and improve the effectiveness of SEO keywords.

The role of newspaper backlinks

As you know, backlinks are an important and indispensable factor in SEO, especially in today’s highly competitive market. Backlinks are considered votes from site A pointing to site B, they are a driving factor, improving the effectiveness of SEO keywords. However, with Google’s increasingly strict algorithms, the use of backlinks must also be more careful than ever because if you do not use them correctly, you risk being penalized by Google’s algorithms.

Buy quality newspaper backlinks on Hapodigital

This is why now people are interested in quality backlinks and how to use them in the most natural way. If in the past backlinks mainly came from forums, web 2.0, blogs, etc., which were so popular, now backlinks would be the two most searched terms in the SEO world.

Mention Quality backlinks It is not only impossible for online newspapers, they are always ranked in the first place because the prestige of these newspapers is always highly valued by Google.

Quality newspapers often have high traffic, constantly updated information and high quality rating indicators. Therefore, having these backlinks pointing to the website will help increase the trust rankings for the keywords, thus helping the keywords to be the best effectively. Additionally, you are also more likely to get traffic from those backlinks pointing to your website, which can be a potential customer file to help you increase your sales.

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Buy quality newspaper backlinks on Hapodigital

Note when placing newspaper backlinks

To get the most effective backlink report, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Your website must have a solid foundation: good page optimization, reasonable structure, good content, standard SEO, ..
  • Newspaper backlinks have great power, so a new website built in 1-2 months shouldn’t come back to the newspaper
  • Backlinks place pages with the same topic
  • Backlinks are placed on sites with high PA, DA and DR indexes, preferably > 20
  • Naturally pointing backlinks to avoid massive backlinks
  • You can go for it in small quantity first to see how effective it is

Is the purchase of backlinks penalized by Google?

This is a common question for many Seoers because buying backlinks is a fraudulent act, intentionally interfering with keyword rankings, so if unfortunately you can be detected and penalized by Google immediately.

However, you don’t have to worry about this problem if you pay attention to the ratings when placing the backlink above, because the algorithms, no matter how smart, can’t be sure if your action is a backlink from spam or not. put the link.

In fact, all customers who buy newspaper backlinks from Hapodigital, up to 90% of the projects that put links are very effective, very few projects are penalized by Google, so rest assured.

Benefits of Buying Hapodigital Newspaper Backlinks

Hapodigital is the leading newspaper backlink provider in the SEO world with a system of nearly 40 quality newspapers. As a large agency that works directly with newspapers, it ensures the lowest prices.

  • Backlinks are placed in the sidebar of the journal in articles on the same topic
  • Rapid effect after only 3-5 days, UR, DR indicators increase on AHref
  • The price is much cheaper than Guest Post or Pr articles in newspapers
  • Increase credibility, increase trust for the website after placing a backlink
  • There are many different backlink packages suitable for each audience, unlimited number of backlinks
  • Help promote effective SEO keyword rankings
  • There is a special offer for a large number of backlinks
  • Complete report file, commitment, guarantee for the duration of the use of the backlink
  • Do you have a contract or invoice for a unit that needs it?
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To immediately use Hapodigital’s newspaper backlink service, please contact the Hotline 0964.592.762 or the website: for more detailed information.