Doanh nhân Nguyễn Trung Tín con đường sự nghiệp

Entrepreneur Nguyen Trung Tin Group CEO Trung Thuy is one of the 30 young faces honored by Forbes Vietnam magazine in 2015. Through the following article, we will add all the information. businessman Nguyen Trung Tin, Find and analyze.

Entrepreneur Nguyen Trung Tin

Who is businessman Nguyen Trung Tin?

Trung Tin, whose wealthy name is Nguyen Trung Tin, is a successful young businessman and the fiancé of Miss Dang Thu Thao. Trung Tin has a beautiful appearance and is praised by many people as being suitable for this beautiful beauty.

Biography of entrepreneur Nguyen Trung TinEntrepreneur Nguyen Trung Tin

Trung Tin was born into a family with an ordinary case. Since childhood, he was very eager to learn and studied extremely well, his school results were also very positive. In 2011 he graduated from the University of Melbourne – Australia. Although he is very young, Trung Tin entered the Top 30 Outstanding Young Faces Under 30 voted by Forbes Vietnam Magazine.

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The love story of Trung Tin and Miss Dang Thu Thao

It’s a hot topic in the online community. The long-legged walk with the giants left nothing strange to the public, however, the beautiful Dang Thu Thao always kept a secret in her private life.

Entrepreneur Nguyen Trung Tin It is known that from around August 2015, the Vietnamese public first learned all the information that men are dating Miss Vietnam 2012.

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The identity of this man was also quickly accepted by Thu Thao when the beauty acknowledged that she was living a happy life. In May 2016, Miss Thu Thao was also present with her boyfriend’s family during the meeting between President Obama and our country’s businessmen in Saigon.

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How tall is businessman Nguyen Trung Tin and how much does he weigh?

Who is Nguyen Trung Tin - 8X CEO of Trung Thuy Group?  |  AgeHow tall is businessman Nguyen Trung Tin and how much does he weigh?

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Weight: update

3 lap measures: update

First steps

From a media intern in his family’s organization, Trung Tin started his own business by borrowing 10 billion dong to open Sin Ultra Lounge – an F&B model. The success of Sin Ultra Lounge has helped Trung Tin repay both capital, interest and rent for the space, which is worth around VND 13 billion. After the success of Sin Ultra Lounge, in 2013, Trung Tin embarked on the project of Ace Night – club with modern styling.

As a successful young businessman, Trung Tin also has many relationships with many other successful businessmen, including a close connection with actor Tang Thanh Ha’s husband’s family. Trung Tin and the Louis Nguyen brothers regularly throw fun parties together. In 2016, his family also had the honor of meeting the current top leader of the United States, President Obama, during a trip to Vietnam.

Growth of many large projects

In 1985, Ms. Duong Thanh Thuy (Vice Chairman of Trung Thuy Group Board) started her career by knitting baskets, marketing handicrafts at a kiosk in Nguyen Hue Street, City. HCM.

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Ten years later, the Miss Ao Dai art society was established. It is the forerunner of today’s Trung Thuy Group Joint Stock Company.

Portrait of Trung Thuy Group CEOGrowth of many large projects

In 2002, Trung Thuy Co., Ltd was established, Miss Ao Dai art shop system expanded its business to the northern market in the center of Hanoi capital.

Entrepreneur Nguyen Trung Tin Since then, the company has continued to expand into other sales lines, particularly in real estate, with the introduction of the 10-storey Sen Spa building and the Mekong stop at Tien Giang in 2005; Inaugurated the 15-story Miss Ao Dai Building in the center of District 1 in 2006, the 22-story Lancster Building in Le Thanh Ton in 2007.

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Through the article above, told you about businessman Nguyen Trung Tin career path. I hope the information in this article will be useful to readers.

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