CEO Võ Phi Nhật Huy

CEO Vo Phi Nhat Huy – Digital transformation vision for the Big Invest real estate community Band. empathetic events hard of the Investors small with little capital, Vo Phi Nhat Huy has clever should big invest band – a community created chance for you invest in real estate.

About CEO Vo Phi Nhat Huy:

CEO Vo Phi Nhat Huy

Vo Phi Nhat Huy of a guy student The Center region started a business “empty-handed” after 5 years become Owner of a large real estate group band And become House successful business children at 28.

CEO Vo Phi Nhat Huy is currently Chairman of the Board of Big Real Estate Group band with 6 business member of all aspects different give user line thousand product Real estate for rent in many segments extending from North – Center – South.

Among them brand stand out Many people known is a big land A brand well known.In the world of rental real estate built on the model business instead new that he founded and created a lot of buzz such as: office sharerooms for rent, apartments for rent…

Introduce in regards to business Big band

Big band Be business Have potential huge with the company of many partners and professional person industry leaders such as Shark Pham Thanh Hung, Billionaire Diamond John, Billionaire Blair Singer, etc. This place brings together a community of Investors share the same vision, the same passion, dream work together to invest in real estate projects.

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Through the alliance’s community real estate investment model, the Investors ability develop their strengths. This community when bind together will be possess great capital, a lot connectivity as possess THE Content flexible.

Start test

CEO Vo Phi Nhat Huy

CEO Vo Phi Nhat Huy started his career as soon as he walked into the boardroom university with two tables empty-handed At 31, he was president organisation Big Corporation shares band with 6 business work In commercial zone and real estate investment.

Business Major group actions band Since born in 2016 at present Satisfied buildable a large community of more than 5,000 members, among them there are more than 500 Investors and shareholders Since in all the countries.

As a professional…

More crew professional person Leader in the fields dissimilarityWe were doing create a block of assets up to 300 billion VND with buildings for rent in many provinces/cities such as: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Lao Cai, Binh Duong, Tay Ninh… and system offices in 3 regions nation.

Besidesyou also participate extremely a lot work In the field form work through brand Great success, nhằm share awareness sell Investing in the real estate sector to achieve financial freedom major.

To big brands.

Business High arch architecture establish dream bring events modify and improve in regards to money as benefit for the Investors as Big’s partner band always can create product Real estate for rent is both beautiful and affordable get a good result.

Trademark Great hotel always a part of strategy necessary To belong to Investors manage real estate in the field of tourism, hotels, resorts, beach villas … link many locations in many places different works for user experimented GOOD money the shortest.

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Digital transformation vision for the Big Invest real estate community band.

CEO Vo Phi Nhat Huy

CEO Nhat Huy share“To want sell real estate, you must a lot money. Whether only a billion dong, at most only you take one Small apartment and monthly rent with little interest. However Whether 30 people like you invest together, Big band will be bring a house worth 30 billion dong for you.

Monthly, girls will get benefits THANKS House for rent there, commit each of you will receive more than one individual unit. Not to mentionAccommodation there To belong to possess of the investorlater increase the price and desire sell it, You possible both principal and interest.

These Benefits of THE Investors real estate possess by joining the Big community. band

CEO Vo Phi Nhat Huy

Everyone If you already know, invest in real estate maybe incur innumerable complicated. For a successful real estate investment, in addition to Investors must have some Large capital is still needed there are some legal knowledge, information zoning, must have connectivity wide… and even straight a lot investment skills, capital management, salebroker… Thus, directories The real estate game is not a game simple.

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