Màu sắc trong marketing và những điều bạn cần biết

color in marketing and what you need to know. Psychology color color linked to answer one of aspect interesting And cause debate best in marketing. With me reference next post For respond Questions!

Color in marketing & these things you need know

color in marketingcolor in marketing


Is the color of fire And blood, it is associated with strength, power, determination; it is also a symbol of threat, unsafe And war. Red is also the color of feelingenthusiasm & to like.

Is the color of courage And sacrifice, there Be raison we see some flag of some water in there yes Vietnam) has red as the background color.


As a cool color, green is best suited to brands that have calmemature & professional. Facing realityIt’s good known with ability lower blood pressure And heart rate in the viewer. Some the link we usually have orient oneself imagine with green being:

  • Finance
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Lucky
  • Evolution
  • Richness
  • Harmony
  • Symmetrical
  • Cooling
  • Innovation


THE feeling positivity that we usually have with orange include ability affordability (affordable), beauty, energy, enthusiasm, desirefriendly, healthy & vitality, humor, playfulness, seasonal changes & hot.

Orange is a color interesting in UNITED STATES because there are not many negative associations with it; perhaps the color of criminals’ prison clothes, However there not a link strong enough to influence your brand image.

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A physical effect is known swing orange is promote hunger, SO you will be see a lot orange in food brand & drink water.

blue sea

It is the color becomes European, especially male, favorite best. regular blue brought a relief & Relax for clarity And cool. This too possible see as the color of trusttrust & safe, okay guaranteed Financial.

blue sea often select as the main color when displaying logos, symbols or product brands of financial institutions because of the message it conveys bring to for customers is stability And trust.


L is a very flexiblerepresents mystery, luxury However Sometimes scary mystery

  • is the color only does not change when another color is mixed
  • He maybe will be it seems modern but there are also luc icons for the classic
  • Generally used as color Contrast to add drama to any mood


Yellow is the color of dynamism and youth & Also color warning. You will be see color this on road signs, traffic lights or on workers’ uniforms, for example.


White associated with chastity, purity, holiness & virginal. Seen the color of things improve. White also has a meaning easy And on.

THE raison partly explained: hospital to use white, angels are all white And Repairing products, slimming products, slimming products (low fat, low cholesterol…) to use white stamp… not excluding the white hat hacker (white hat hacker)

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Role & range important To belong to color in marketing

color in marketingcolor in marketing

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Jresearch pigcustomer identify any product at sight First of all. For one page Website or similar advertisements, user will consider layout and interface, color of the ad there First of all.

Mondayhave you ever noticed that For what fast food brands are to use it’s red ? Hay For what social networks like Facebook pageTwitter again to use Blue tones in the design? As studies have shown, color only one relationship specifically in the mood & feeling of the human.

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Find your own palette

color in marketingcolor in marketing

We are finishing posts This And Not yet find one THE selective color Perfect. Actuallywe can affirm a lot of questions that respond. Butjust for one subject scattered with a lot of the word “could” & “nice” doesn’t mean we should stop think serious about it.

To use studies available to challenge concept predetermined & to show best questions; there Be 1 way consistent to get the explanation better.

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Through the article above, I shared with you color in marketing and what you need to know. I hope this article will bring you a lot of useful information. Thanks for following this post!

Vu Thom – Synthesis & editing

Reference sources: (gbm.vn, marketingchienluoc.com, …)