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09/23/2021 | 10:10 a.m.

( – With more than 70 years of career, the musician Pham Duy is considered the “great tree” of Vietnamese music, the initiator and the orientation of new Vietnamese music. The immortal love songs of this talented musician have remained in the hearts of fans for generations.

Composer Pham Duy.Composer Pham Duy.

Biography of musician Pham Duy

  • Birth name: Pham Duy Can
  • Stage name: Pham Duy
  • He was born on: October 5, 1921
  • Died: January 27, 2013 (aged 92)
  • Hometown: Hang Cot, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
  • Profession: Musician, musician, singer, music researcher
  • Genre: Developed folk music, pre-war music, red music, love song 1954-1975, young music, yellow music, children’s music.
Musician Pham Duy's love songs always remain in the hearts of fans. Musician Pham Duy’s love songs always remain in the hearts of fans.

The path to initiate new Vietnamese music by musician Pham Duy

It can be said that in the stream of Vietnamese music, the musician Pham Duy is an impressive breakthrough. The poet Uyen Sa once said: “A diamond has a thousand faces and Pham Duy has a thousand words”.

This talented musician began his musical career as a singer by singing Tan Nhac in a cai luong theater troupe. And it was this theater troupe that served as a springboard for him, lifting his wings so that he could develop further in his career, bringing new music to every part of the country.
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At that time, he met many big names such as the musician Le Thuong, the poet Luu Trong Lu, the musician Van Cao…

During the tour, Pham Duy put his voice at the service of the soldiers. This is why the painter Ta Ty once praised the voice of Pham Duy as the heroic cry of a generation of young people conscious of their role in history.

At the time when the New Music movement was flourishing, he started composing in 1942 with his first song, “Co Pick a Dream”, a popular song from the poetry of Nguyen Binh. Along with this there is a series of romantic love songs such as Love of the prostitute, The Forgotten Piano, The sound of walking on the street late at night and Truong Chi’s love block.

Composer Pham Duy is always loved by his friends and colleagues because of his talent. Composer Pham Duy is always loved by his friends and colleagues because of his talent.

Composer Pham Duy also produced many epic wartime compositions such as Sword of the Hero, Debt of Blood and Blood, Battle of the Battlefield and Unknown Soldier.

In 1947, he began to compose folk songs such as Ru con, Remember the departed, Nuong après-midi, Song Lo song.

During the war, the musician Pham Duy mainly developed his career in the South and it was also his most brilliant period with many songs associated with many new themes.

At that time he wrote many songs about love between couples with emotions of joy, anger, love and sadness such as The Way You Go, Nothing More, Love Songs, Don’t Be Separated.

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During this period, a genre that also brought its name closer to music lovers were songs about soldiers and the spirit of people such as When I Return, Memorabilia for You, Tales of Two Soldiers, Drops rain on the leaves…

In 1975, the musician Pham Duy left Vietnam for the United States. During this period, he continued his career as a composer with songs about the Vietnamese travel abroad.

In 2005, he officially returned to Vietnam to settle down for the rest of his life.

It can be said that Pham Duy is one of the few Vietnamese musicians who has the talent to compose many genres, from children’s music, to love music for couples, through resistance music, music of homeland, sentimental music, epics, Rong ca, Dao ca… All of them have characteristics in the lyrics for which only he can express his love.

The statue of musician Pham Duy was created to pay tribute to the talented musician. The statue of musician Pham Duy was created to pay tribute to the talented musician.

The composer Pham Duy in the eyes of his friends and colleagues

In the eyes of his friends and colleagues, the musician Pham Duy is always full of life and creative energy. It is his songs that arouse many emotions, mixing pure Vietnamese soul with modern and Western style.

He skilfully combined the subtlety and artistry of folk music with the beauty and pomp of new music.

Speaking of him, the painter Ta Ty once said with tenderness: “Pham Duy, these two words are names, strangely, legends even in the presence of Duy”.

Composer To Hai also shared, “Pham Duy is the musician with the most massive and valuable works in Vietnam for thousands of generations remaining with a green story.”

Meanwhile, with singer Tuan Ngoc, “He is the greatest musician in Vietnam”.

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