Những mô hình làm giàu tại nông thôn mà không phải ai cũng biết

Business success is in your power. Business knowledge is therefore the core value to help you get rich. To have these values ​​yourself, you have to know how to capture them and it’s not easy. If you have any difficulties, today hosodoanhnhan will summarize the country get rich model Please.

Questions to consider before getting rich in the countryside

Before deciding to start a business, to embark on any enrichment project in the countryside, you must ask yourself and analyze your personal potential resources (investment capital, knowledge, experience, family land fund, etc.), the regional benefits, local growth, state support by supporting loans, leasing agricultural land to choose occupations and orientations suited to the capacity and business conditions of its economy.

Determine the factors that directly/indirectly affect your enrichment model and make a sales plan, implement the strategy step by step to effectively enrich yourself in rural areas. Learn more, seek advice on how to get rich in the countryside from relatives, friends, people who have a lot of experience getting rich in their home country.

15 rural business ideas (what business to do in the countryside) - BYTUONGRural enrichment models

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Rural enrichment models

Be enriched with the model of growing clean and safe vegetables

Currently, health is the main concern, so many people choose clean and safe vegetables, even if they are more expensive than other foods. Meanwhile, the market for providing clean and safe vegetables and fruits is scarce, so it should be expanded. country get rich model Clean food is the way to get rich in the countryside for a long time at this time. If you have a large fund of fertile land, suitable for planting and growing clean vegetables and fruits, you can learn more about how to get rich in the countryside with this model of growing clean vegetables.

To ensure a return for growing clean vegetables, you must create a plan for consuming vegetables and fruits at local markets, making offers to vegetable traders going to town, etc. If you have a lot of capital, you will refer to the models of growing clean vegetables in greenhouses and apply for a sales license, an organic production license to put vegetables in clean food stores, supermarkets, ensuring a production stable for vegetable products. , your own vegetables.

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Planting bonsai, feng shui tree

Planting ornamental plants, feng shui trees can be considered as country get rich model. Since consumer demand for this product is relatively large, the replanting technique is not difficult. Most feng shui plants are very easy to care for. Some popular ornamental plants are: honeysuckle, lucky tree, orchid, …

In addition, you can also invest in planting more ornamental plants with beautiful “positions”. Many people are willing to spend a lot of money to buy a unique bonsai tree such as a peach tree, ornamental kumquat, bonsai tree, bonsai tree, etc.

Bonsai Feng Shui: Meaning and Classification |  Tran Anh GroupRural enrichment models

Plant trees for wood

It’s a country get rich model sustainable, bringing both high economic value and contributing to the protection of the environment. The average income of farmers is at least 12-15 million VND/ha/year if small trees are planted. As for large trees like sua, oak, angelica, etc., the value will be much higher. The selling price of mature trees can reach 2 million VND/m3. In general, the average profit for farmers is about 22 million VND/ha/year. With such income, tree planting activities go a long way in helping farmers get rich successfully.

Plant rare trees

A country get rich model The second most popular is planting rare trees. The products of this industry are mainly medicinal plants (herbs) or seedless fruit trees. The types of valuable medicinal herbs that have been successfully cultivated are: kid goat, apricot (wind ginger), forest ginseng, etc. Some rare seedless fruit trees are bred such as: lemon, grapefruit, watermelon, etc. … also used by Many people. These crops are not only consumed domestically but are also exported in large numbers. Therefore, the rare form of tree planting will bring abundant income to garden owners.

Ways to get rich from cattle

Breeding of poultry and cattle to standards

With reference to country get rich model Breeding certainly cannot be ignored. Similar to the demand for clean vegetables, consumers also want to consume clean products from livestock and poultry. Therefore, you should go in the direction of raising and supplying qualified poultry and livestock meat.

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First of all, land funds and rural circumstances are the best conditions for these animals to grow. Second, the current standard selection process is largely supported by state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, producing clean poultry and livestock products, ensuring food safety and hygiene standards will be almost as simple as that.

5 Methods of rearing poultry and livestock at the time of the change of seasonsRural enrichment models

The life cycle of livestock is short and the consumption demand is always large, so this model can create the conditions for farmers to “make money”. In order to apply the model of getting rich from cattle to achieve high results, you need to grasp the basic knowledge well and find a potential consumer market for yourself, etc.


Nowadays, keeping pets in families is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, the work of raising and selling pets also grows and becomes a rural enrichment model outstanding. These animals are bred in a sophisticated way to meet the strict requirements of the market. When raising a pet, there are a few people to keep in mind:

  • Pets must have a specific origin. If it is about foreign breeds, there must be rich information about the life of their parents.
  • Pets must be vaccinated periodically so that they are not carriers of diseases.
  • Make sure that pets will not harm humans, even if they accidentally bite or scratch people.

Breeding for enrichment in the form of aquaculture by region

Aquaculture is rural enrichment model bring significant economic benefits. Depending on the geographical characteristics of the region, you can choose to breed different types of shrimp, fish, etc. to achieve the highest yield. For rural enrichment model For seafood, you need to invest holistically: from choosing water areas, choosing breeds, buying food, fully complementing farming knowledge, to finding efficient yields .

For example, to farm shrimp, you need a pond, lake, lagoon, ferry with the right circumstances. Otherwise, the shrimp will die, causing great damage. However, if successful, the profits will be very high. Therefore, shrimp farming is still one of the most popular agricultural enrichment activities.

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Thanks for reading the article on rural enrichment model above here. With the information I share, I hope it helps you overcome your difficulties and questions. I always wish you success in life.

Loc Nguyen – Synthesis & editing

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