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Cyber ​​officer Vietnam is known to be led and born by Shark Dung himself, who is known as one of the talented entrepreneurs and one who supports startups. The following content will add a lot of information to your reference, let’s take a look at it

Cyber ​​officer Vietnam

Cyberagent Vietnam was bornCyber ​​officer Vietnam

The group was born in March 1998 from an Internet marketing communication company, currently expanding and operating in 3 main areas: Internet advertising, media (famous for Abema TV) and gaming. is always proud to be at the top of the Japanese market and constantly develop in the Internet field

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Year 2014
  • December – CA ADVANCE VIETNAM is born
  • The Internet advertising network was born
  • January – Number of employees 50 people
  • June – Number of employees 100 people
  • August – Renewal Logo
  • November – Creation of the marketing communication agency
    intended for users in our country
  • January – Number of employees 150 people
  • December – Number of employees 200 people
  • October – Establishment of CA AGENCY CO., LTD
  • December – Number of employees 250 people
  • September – Number of employees 265 people

The person who brings money from foreign funds to help Vietnamese startups

Having lived and worked abroad for many years, Mr. Dzung Nguyen’s voice is still very typical of the central people.

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As an international business student at Hanoi Foreign Trade University, Dzung works for the import-export department of a Japanese manufacturing company. After that, he worked for a major software company in Vietnam and participated in a number of projects aimed at introducing the company to the Japanese market.

Fate brought Dzung to Japan

Cyber ​​officer Vietnam where he obtained a master’s degree in finance and economics. In 2008, Dzung joined Ventures, Inc. and was the first fund representative to invest in and grow the Southeast Asian market. After that, he became a director of Vietnam & Thailand Investment Fund.

Shark Dung Nguyen - Shark Tank Reveals Reason for Leaving CYBERAGENT CAPITAL - YouTubeFate brought Dzung to Japan

So far, the portfolio of the fund under the management of Mr. Dzung includes more than 25 companies in our country and 8 companies in Thailand. Besides, he is also a mentor for many other companies.

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Shark Dzung’s sudden decision to “break” CyberAgent

After 13 years of work, Shark Dzung Nguyen finally decided to “break” with the Investment Fund, which helped him achieve many milestones in his career. This departure was decided when he and businesswoman Le Hoang Uyen Vy decided to create Do Ventures – a venture capital fund.

Do Ventures is a venture capital fund with total capital under management of USD 50 million. In which, 50% of the target amount in the first round mobilized. This capital comes entirely from the founders of our country’s leading technology companies and well-known investors in Korea and Singapore.

Objective of the CyberAgent fund in our country

Towards projects providing services related to Internet and mobile users, e-commerce projects targeting users. The companies that Dzung Nguyen “chosen to send gold” have become quite famous names in the Vietnamese market.

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Dzung’s concept is “Investment is not the goal, successful investment is the goal”. Once invested, he tries to help everything in his power – from resources, finding partners, employees. He becomes the right arm of the founder, ready to answer midnight calls.

Successful disposal plan

Cyber ​​officer Vietnam Many startups receiving Dzung Nguyen’s investment are becoming number one names in fields in the Vietnamese market.

Most of our investments are in the form of “seed funding” or seed funding. In particular, VNG, CleverAds and VMG are 3 of the fund’s few portfolios in a company that have grown and generated profits.

Meeting Shark Dung conditions at Shark Tank drives many startups to Successful disposal plan

Born in 2008 and became an official agent of Google, focusing on developing the search advertising market, which is a brand new market in Vietnam. Once offered, but the deal fell through. Until 2010, Cyber ​​​​Agent decided at 1 million USD to buy back 20% of the shares of Cleverads and to sell them after 7 years.

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