Rumors are spreading that Elon Musk purchased ABC and terminated the cast of The View, as reported on Twitter first. It quickly spread around social media.

A popular meme claimed that Elon Musk offered $17 and an Applebee’s coupon to buy the talk show; however, this story is completely false and was originated on a website which clearly stated it as being fictionalized satire.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg has made her mark as an actress, singer, and talk show host; winning Oscar, Grammy and two Tony awards along the way. Additionally, Whoopi is also a best-selling author – her memoir about living life while managing depression is entitled ‘The Book of Joy. Goldberg has made a name for herself both on film and television as both an actress and director. Her film appearances include Robert Altman’s The Player, as a police detective in Corinna, Corinna, as a recurring role as Guinan in two Star Trek movies as well as several TV talk shows and sitcoms; with Whoopi being cancelled after only one season of its run.

Whoopi Goldberg may not be Jewish herself, yet has made no secret of her embrace for the Jewish community through friendships and associations – her stage name itself comes from Hebrew! However, many question whether her support of this community should go unchecked: many individuals believe she may be using her status as an iconic cultural figure to advance political agendas of her own choosing.

In May 2022, a meme went viral on Facebook alleging that Elon Musk had purchased The View and fired its cast members. Although widely reported, this claim isn’t accurate: its source was actually an entertainment website which clearly disclosed that all published material on it is fiction; nonetheless, copies were copied and reposted across other platforms without this disclaimer being present.

Rumors surfaced after a YouTuber uploaded a video featuring Joy Behar claiming Elon Musk had purchased ABC and cancelled The View, widely shared across social media and eventually deleted by its original poster. No evidence shows Elon Musk ever attempted to purchase ABC or cancel The View; therefore this rumor has since been disregarded as false information by most; although some are still trying to unravel more details from it.

Joy Behar

Joy Behar is an American comedian, actress, and talk show host who has appeared on multiple television programs such as ‘The View,’ ‘Joy Behar: Say Anything!,’ and ‘Late Night with Joy Behar.’ She was born in Brooklyn New York in 1942, studied at Queens College before receiving both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from State University of New York Stony Brook – she began performing stand-up comedy in small clubs before making headlines worldwide with her debut appearance on ‘The View’ in 1997 – making her instantly famous worldwide.

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Behar has remained true to herself despite her success, appearing in small roles in films and Broadway productions as well as writing several books such as ‘Still Not Quite Grown Up’ and ‘Sheetzucacapoopoo: My Kind of Dog.’ Additionally, Behar possesses a talent for political humor; for three years she was co-host of Jimmy Fallon’s late night show ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and she guest hosted Larry King Live.’ Additionally she made appearances in various movies including Manhattan Murder Mystery and Woody Allen’s Manhattan; plus several appearances in both these productions as well.

Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, recently increased his media empire by placing a 37.5 billion bid for ABC. This deal follows on his long history of business ventures; from PayPal – an Internet payment system; Zip2, an online content publishing software; to Tesla Motors’ electric car manufacturing division. Most recently, Musk co-founded and now chairs The Boring Company which develops fast and affordable tunneling technologies designed to reduce urban congestion while simultaneously supporting high-speed public transport services.

This billionaire has earned himself a reputation as a hard worker, yet his public persona can sometimes be difficult to reconcile with his private life. Although he insists his companies work towards greater good than making profit alone, they have frequently been accused of being confrontational or possessing excessive ego. Furthermore, they have often taken issue with US government policies regarding immigration and climate change which they feel do not match up.

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain, daughter of Arizona Senator John McCain and former co-host of ABC talk show ‘The View,’ will join The Daily Mail as a columnist in September 20. A conservative columnist with publications in New York Magazine, Vanity Fair, CNN MSNBC Fox News and ABC News; Meghan has previously contributed as political commentator. Her first column will appear online that same day.

Early this month, reports began spreading that Elon Musk had purchased and fired the entire cast of “The View”. Although some believed these reports to be false, many others took them to be real; many were convinced by a meme featuring Joy behar that claimed Elon Musk offered to buy the show for just $17 plus an Applebee’s coupon as payment for buying.

Elon Motors CEO Elon Tesla addressed recent speculation regarding an ABC purchase and/or staff dismissals in an interview with a reporter on Twitter’s virtual space SpaceX Kings, and dispelled such reports as false. Furthermore, he stated his interest in purchasing other media companies such as ABC or dismissing its staff altogether.

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Elon Musk has long been accused of spreading misinformation via social media platforms. Lead Stories has repeatedly disproved reports involving him on these platforms; for example, reports regarding his bid to purchase The View or his decision to close newsletter platform Revue have all been disproven by them.

According to The Washington Post, speculation about Elon Musk purchasing ABC and firing its staff began in May when a meme featuring Joy Behar surfaced on Facebook with claims that he offered to purchase daytime talk show for $17 and receive an Applebee’s coupon – but some users took this seriously and were upset over it; soon thereafter the article quickly went viral; eventually even Facebook removed it from their pages altogether.

Kyle Rittenhouse

Rumors spreading online allege that Elon Musk fired every employee from The View are going viral on social media, leaving many confused but false. They first surfaced on Twitter before going viral across other channels.

Elon Musk is an internationally acclaimed South African-born American entrepreneur best known as co-founding PayPal and SpaceX (a company which designs rockets and spacecraft). Additionally, he has launched several other ventures such as an organization dedicated to recycling plastic into new products as well as an electric car manufacturer. Furthermore, his eccentric behavior and outspoken views on various topics make him a well-known public figure.

Kyle Rittenhouse made it clear in an interview broadcast Monday night that he is “not racist” and supports the Black Lives Matter movement, while asserting his right to free speech as being threatened by government policies.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal during 2022’s Kenosha protests highlighted several contentious areas – second amendment rights, self-defense, violence at racial justice demonstrations and perceptions that police treat white and nonwhite citizens differently. Supporters saw him as an upholder of gun rights who bravely intervened to defend a community from what they saw as lawless rioting; opponents saw him as an irresponsible vigilante and chaos tourist.

Rittenhouse remains controversial despite his acquittal for his participation in protests that led to two people dying at those demonstrations. Now, in a lawsuit brought against Rittenhouse by Anthony Huber’s father claiming Rittenhouse is responsible for killing his son while wounding another in their confrontations with police; seeking unspecified damages from Rittenhouse as well as other defendants involved.

Even though he was an expert in physics, he chose not to complete his degree at university and instead founded Zip2, later merged with and eventually becoming PayPal. His business acumen helped him find success in tech world; he only gets involved with projects which benefit humanity or society as whole.