did elon musk fired the view cast

Internet gossip was buzzing with speculation that Elon Musk had fired the cast of The View after purchasing ABC. Although many disproved these claims quickly, others were insistent upon hearing back directly from Musk himself to get answers as to their legitimacy.

According to Platformer, an engineer at Twitter suggested that Elon Musk may have become frustrated after seeing that his tweets weren’t receiving sufficient views.

1. It’s a hoax

Elon Musk has recently come under scrutiny for allegedly firing the cast of The View, prompting much discussion and speculation among viewers and critics alike. Some dismissed this rumor outright while others were more inclined to push back for answers directly from Musk himself.

Even though Elon Musk may have fired one Twitter engineer, claims that he also fired The View are false. ABC remains Disney’s premier entertainment division and The View remains on ABC.

Musk has been making headlines of late with his acquisition of Twitter. As part of his plan to ease content moderation guidelines and reinstate previously banned users onto the platform, this news may please some. Unfortunately, however, not everyone agrees.

Twitter policy chief Vijaya Gadde was one of several employees seen glaring at Musk during a meeting at its HQ coffee bar on Wednesday; later she was fired alongside CEO Parag Agrawal and CFO Ned Segal, with Gadde taking an amassed payout in terms of salary and stock options she owned – reports MarketWatch.

Musk has taken several notable actions on his platform that are somewhat controversial, such as dismissing several high-ranking employees and reposting anti-LGBTQ conspiracy theories from right-wing websites like Santa Monica Observer which have previously promoted such misinformation about Democrats or other public figures. Most recently he retweeted such content from Santa Monica Observer which featured anti-LGBTQ sentiment.

Musk’s Twitter activity has often taken employees by surprise. Just this month, for example, he tweeted out a link to what appeared to be an exit interview with Halli Thorleifsson, an engineer at Twitter with muscular dystrophy who uses a wheelchair and was met with criticism by fellow employees, many of whom called out his tone while demanding evidence to back his claims before condemning them; nonetheless, Thorleifsson remains employed by Twitter despite these incidents.

2. It’s not true

An internet rumor claimed that Elon Musk fired the cast of The View due to an article alleging he purchased ABC and did indeed fire its cast, though many believed this rumor. Although false, many still believed this mythical tale.

While Elon Musk has indeed been firing employees from Twitter, he did not fire The View’s cast members as claimed by an unverified account on Twitter that has since been removed.

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There’s no clear explanation as to why this rumor spread, but it could have something to do with recent events at Twitter. The company has been losing money and advertisers have pulled out as a result of Musk’s changes. Furthermore, Twitter has come under criticism for allowing users to register accounts without verifying their identities.

Elon Musk has made headlines in the past for taking over companies and making changes that many do not agree with, such as Tesla and SpaceX, but most recently Twitter. Although some Twitter users may object to his decisions, others support them.

The billionaire is working on numerous projects with the ultimate aim of making humankind a multi-planet species, such as electric autonomous vehicles with Tesla, developing transportation solutions with Boring Company and developing energy solutions with Neuralink – among many other endeavors. His vast knowledge has inspired him to found many companies.

Elon Musk is an extraordinary entrepreneur renowned for his groundbreaking work at various of his companies. With an IQ estimated at 150 – which is considered genius-level – Elon has created numerous innovative products like the Hyperloop and invested in several others such as PayPal and Twitter.

@SashaSolomon’s tweet alleging her firing for criticizing Elon Musk went viral recently, receiving over 1,000 retweets and not being acknowledged by Twitter’s HR department.

3. It’s a joke

Elon Musk is one of the most ambitious entrepreneurs alive today. To pursue his space exploration ambitions, he founded SpaceX; to speed transportation up, he’s building Hyperloop; and to own one of the world’s biggest social networks he bought Twitter for $44 billion – raising a great deal of interest about what plans he has for it now that it belongs to him.

One thing causing confusion is reports from some individuals stating that Elon Musk fired The View cast, an allegation which is both false and completely fabricated. It all began with a false article being posted online claiming Elon Musk purchased ABC and fired them all, prompting many tweeters to request an answer directly from Elon. This story quickly went viral with many asking him whether or not this claim is true or deny it – both were quickly tweeted out to Elon himself asking whether or not this report is true or deny it!

Soon enough, employees at Twitter began questioning Elon Musk’s claims regarding the site’s performance. Musk is notorious for misstating facts on Twitter, so this wasn’t the first time his incorrect statements had been called out by users using Birdwatch feature of Twitter.

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Platformer, Twitter’s in-house publication, reports that employees at Twitter are becoming increasingly frustrated with their manager’s inability to understand the platform and its workings. “When asked directly, it becomes apparent that he doesn’t comprehend our job at all,” states an anonymous employee.

As employees became frustrated, some employees began speaking out against Musk for his misinformation, including one named Sasha Solomon – a tech lead from Uber’s tech department who tweeted out a video showing Joe Rogan interviewing Vijaya Gadde who claimed that Musk censored her website.

Although it remains uncertain if she was actually fired for this behavior, employment at will laws allow employers to fire workers for any reason as long as they do not belong to a protected class – making it quite possible she could have been let go for this offense.

4. It’s a conspiracy

Elon Musk has made headlines due to his changes to Twitter, where he is being accused of firing people who disagree with him and censoring information he finds offensive. Now there’s even speculation that Elon has fired The View cast. But is this accurate?

Elon is widely known for being eccentric and outspoken, yet an immensely accomplished businessman. He founded Zip2 in 1995 to produce online content publishing software; later selling that to AltaVista for $341 million. Subsequently he launched SpaceX and Tesla which have both enjoyed immense success; also contributing nearly $100 million to climate change initiatives while taking part in ventures ranging from internet startups, sustainable energy sources and artificial intelligence technology development.

However, some have cast doubts upon his integrity and motives despite all his accomplishments. In October he tweeted that Twitter’s recommendation algorithm favored conservatives over moderates; which caused outraged Twitter users and led the social media platform to implement a new algorithm test.

Results were mixed; while some users reported seeing their right-wing accounts getting promoted, others saw no noticeable change. Ingle has also criticized Musk for decreasing moderation – something which could get him in hot water with European regulators who require sites like Twitter to promptly delete hate speech and other forms of illegal content.

Musk has also been accused of suppressing information and intimidating those who don’t agree with him, prompting a SpaceX employee to write an open letter condemning his public actions as being a source of distraction and embarrassment for all at the company.

Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s policy chief and frequent guest on Joe Rogan Experience podcast. According to reports this week claiming Elon Musk had fired Gadde, it turned out to be false; her job has actually been reduced at Twitter due to changes made under Elon’s watch and changed recommendations he implemented via its algorithm.