Director Viet Tu - the “boss” of attractive programs and works?  |  Celebrity
05/10/2021 | 17:17

( – Viet Tu is one of the very few cases in Vietnam who succeeds in both the role of music director and cultural events director. So, after nearly 20 years of working in the craft, Viet Tu director’s works still make people wait with curiosity and concern.


Nguyen Viet Tu, born in 1977 in Hanoi in a family rich in artistic traditions, when his mother was a puppeteer for a long time at the Thang Long water puppet theater and his father was musical director Nguyen Viet Tuan.

Director Viet Tu is famous for many music programs which are beautifully staged from form to creativity, originality of content such as: Music Journey, Favorite Song.
Viet Tu is known as a multi-talented director with many famous shows.Viet Tu is known as a multi-talented director with many famous shows.

Or live performances by famous singers such as: Hong Nhung, Dam Vinh Hung, Ho Ngoc Ha, Vu Cat Tuong, Truc Nhan, Phuong My Chi, …


Director Viet Tu is a descendant of many generations of art creators, from his grandfather who was a director, his mother was a water puppeteer to his father, who was a musical director.

Therefore, artistic blood and passion for national culture have always flowed in the heart of Viet Tu since childhood.

Artistic blood and passion for national culture have always flowed in Viet Tu's heart since he was very young. Artistic blood and passion for national culture have always flowed in Viet Tu’s heart since he was very young.

I don’t know since when the image of the water puppet scene on the surface of Sword Lake, the Turtle Tower, the bridge – symbols associated with the capital Hanoi imprinted itself in the mind of a very young boy like him.

However, it is surprising that Viet Tu’s path to art was later commented on by him than everyone else. Before being “enlightened” by a friend who made sound when this friend “seduced” Tu to make a film, the young Viet Tu was still playful and abandoning time, himself in endless and useless games.
It is said that Viet Tu's path to art is later than everyone else.  It is said that Viet Tu’s path to art is later than everyone else.

Talking about the memorable stages of the journey to gain a place in the Vietnamese art world, Viet Tu divided: Diva Ha Tran’s live concert, the solar eclipse show, the first “real stage” performances In Vietnam, the most typical is water puppetry – an art he loves and has been attached to for a long time.

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With new thinking and unique artistic concept, for Viet Tu, water puppets are no different from the daily life we ​​live, but if on stage people use puppets to act like human beings, with “Real scene performance” Viet Tu makes people act like puppets.

The play Four Palaces directed by Viet Tu.The play Four Palaces directed by Viet Tu.

Building on the success of making “live stage performances” in Vietnam, director Viet Tu said it was the path he had been looking for for a long time and had to follow it to the end.

Besides directing programs related to culture and art as his passion, Viet Tu is also very successful in the role of General Director of Photography for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 22nd SEA Games (Games Association of Southeast Asian Nations Olympic Games). organized in Vietnam in December 2003.

Other cultural events he also led include Earth Hour 2011 and 2018, Nha Trang Sea Festival 2011, Da Nang Countdown (2012-2017), …

Viet Tu is also the director who is “chosen to send gold” by many big brands to hold big programs and events such as Dialogue No.1 (2007) introducing Nokia’s N series phones, the ceremony opening of the Hermès brand in Hanoi in 2008 and Piaggio Vespa S in 2010, opening ceremony of Vinhomes Central Park (2016), Vietnam’s largest outdoor fashion music festival Honda Vision Steps of Glory (2017 ) and Viettel 4G Music Festival (2018).


Viet Tu is a familiar face at the Dedication Music Award with 5 wins.

Viet Tu was also honored to be voted “Director of the Year” and “Man of the Year” by Sports & Culture and Men magazine in 2005 and 2011.

The noises of recent times

In June 2017, the first real play titled “Once Upon a Time” staged by Viet Tu after nearly 2 years of incubation and choreography had its first rehearsal in Sai Son, Thay Pagoda.

However, only 4 months later, at the end of October 2017, TCHN suddenly held a press conference to announce that he would replace another director, director Hoang Nhat Nam would take on the directing role on and named “The Essence of North”.

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Explaining this action, TCHN said that Viet Tu’s play could not touch viewers’ hearts, so this unit decided to replace it with another script.

The uproar over this change arose when director Viet Tu said that the play “The Essence of the North” had copied the whole idea and background from “Once Upon a Time”.

To prove it, director Viet Tu took the time to collect documents and compare them to show the incredible “coincidence” between the two plays, from the similarity of countless movement combinations to the two plays to the layout of the onstage lineup that he used to put together for the play “Once upon a time”, even the costumes, the props, how to get around… to the set design, the lighting scheme has was staged by the Viet Tu team. for “Once Upon a Time” appeared exactly the same in “L’Essence du Nord”.

Director Viet Tu in the lawsuit of an intellectual property right related to a real play Director Viet Tu in the lawsuit of an intellectual property law dispute related to the real-life play “Once Upon a Time”.

Segments of “The Quintessence of the North” such as the rise and fall of the water town hall are also asserted by Viet Tu to be very similar to “Once upon a time”.

Talking about the purpose of pursuing the above lawsuit, director Viet Tu said that he wants TCHN to recognize that “The Essence of the North” is a product built on “Once Upon a Time” and at the same time this unit must pay for the creative name for you.

Viet Tu claimed that he did this not only for himself but for a civilized entertainment industry, where copyright issues should be taken seriously.

The director Viet Tu is then declared the winner, and at the same time, the court declares the play “Tinh Hoa Bac Bo” as a derivative work, without reason to demand from the director Viet Tu an indemnity of 6 billion.

There is a maxim and also a very good artistic opinion that Viet Tu always pursues that in this life we ​​keep searching, chasing, going crazy to succeed in life or career, after all, we are always looking for two happiness words.

Viet Tu must be very happy because not only does he have his own happiness with the above-mentioned outstanding achievements, but he is also happy because he has created attractive programs and values ​​in each work. , so that the audience also feels happy and satisfied with what they are watching.