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The common objective psychology of most businesses and SEOs is that they are concerned about the SEO ranking of the website when they intend to transition from Cloud Server infrastructure to new website hosting.

In order to assess as accurately as possible the impact of infrastructure changes, Bizfly Cloud will give some reasons in the article below!

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Machine location

Google always aims to provide users with the fastest and most accurate search results based on many factors, one of which is server location. Simply put, websites that provide equivalent information to search results will be displayed in priority provided they are in the same country.

The basis for Google to do this is the TLD top-level domain name and IP address which serve as the basis for determining the location of the website. It is therefore important to consider the location of your server when making changes to the infrastructure. You should choose server providers in the country your website is intended for so that SEO results are not affected.

Machine quality

When looking for a server provider, the first thing to do is to check and consider the quality of the server you are going to use. It has to do with how you operate the infrastructure. Therefore, you need to rent a separate cloud server to operate your web system yourself to increase website performance instead of using infrastructure that has to share resources or share servers with others.

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Changing Cloud Server Infrastructure Changed SEO Rankings

Baud rate

Page load speed is one of the bases that Google uses to rank a website’s SEO. Therefore, when making changes to the web hosting server infrastructure, you should carefully analyze and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the server. The best way is you should Cloud Server because by sharing the same server infrastructure, your website will not be appreciated.

Storage program

If you downgrade your hosting program for any reason, web SEO results will suffer. You should therefore be very careful in your hosting plans and of course planning to upgrade your hosting plan will always be advisable as it will present a positive opportunity for your website.

Break time

Downtime (downtime) always depends on the change of the location where your website is hosted. If this process is not used properly, downtime will be extended and affect SEO rankings.

Therefore, the best way to limit this situation is to choose reputable cloud server providers with high infrastructure stability, time, and the most suitable conversion method to make changes. .

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As can be seen, there are many factors and bases that affect SEO rankings when changing Cloud Server infrastructure. To ensure the best SEO benefits, you can choose Cloud Server Virtual Server Infrastructure from Bizfly Cloud Because it is an experienced company that operates over 200 websites and serves over 2,000 customers across the country. This is probably the best solution you should consider choosing.

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