Dofollow và nofollow

If you are an SEO writer or just learning about SEO, one of the basic concepts you should know is what is dofollow and nofollow?. This article will give you the most basic knowledge about Dofollow, nofollow and its importance for SEO.

What are Dofollow and Nofollow?

Dofollow and nofollow

Dofollow and nofollow

It is a pair of values ​​located in HTML that helps users to create and structure elements in a website or application for better SEO optimization. When doing SEO, you need a pair of values dofollow and nofollow to better link and develop your website.

Dofollow can be likened to a good and safe person for the site, helping Google understand that the site you are linking to is very safe. The Dofollow link is a rel attribute that is placed in the link of the tag with the structure rel=”dofollow”. When one of your backlinks is placed with the rel=”dofollow” tag, google robots, also called spiders, will be notified that: “this is a safe link accessible to users”, at the same time as you. link to will get +1 point in Google rankings and your personal page will also rank. For example the page 52 the There are follow links on other sites as if it helps to increase its ranking

No following It is understandable that when you use this type of link, the website you are accessing is not sure about its security and if users access it, you are also responsible for it. That means you don’t care and you don’t know how it is and Google shouldn’t index it and even if it’s not secure your site won’t be penalized. For this reason, nofollow links are not added to Google’s pagerank.

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How to distinguish Nofollow and Dofollow?

How to recognize dofollow and nofollow

How to recognize dofollow and nofollow

For the average user, they don’t care much dofollow and nofollow they should only care if the article is interesting and stimulating for them, but for an SEO it is the opposite, an SEO should monitor and distinguish between these two attributes.

You can press the F12 key and verify that the tag contains the rel=”nofollow” attribute, then it is a nofollow link, otherwise if the tag does not have this attribute or contains the rel=”dofollow” attribute then this is a dofollow link. However, for some of you, reading these programming languages ​​is quite difficult and time-consuming, so another way to do that is to use browser software support utilities to help you. don’t take the time to verify the link, for example Firefox has the “NoDoFollow” add-on or chrome has “Nofollow and Mona Nofollow” to help darken links that are NoFollow links as friends easier to validate and less time-consuming. It’s a simple way to check Dofollow and nofollow.

The Importance of Nofollow and Dofollow for SEO

The importance of nofollow and dowfollow

The importance of nofollow and dowfollow

As mentioned above, the pair of values dofollow and nofollow Very significant for those who do SEO, when you build a backlink for the website you need to post ads, profiles on forums, you should pay attention whether the links pointing to your website are dofollow or Nofollow because only dofollow counts as backlinks and adds points to your website, and Nofollow does not, but only counts traffic for readers.

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With Dofollow a safe way to link and directly affect pagerank, the more links your website has, the higher the ranking, the greater the importance and the better the chance of being searched. However, if your backlinks are from unsafe websites, your website will be negatively affected and pagerank will drop, along with the consequences of link spamming.

With Nofollow, it helps to limit spammy links from SEOers to unrelated blogs. Helps increase a webmaster’s authority to limit this spam, making pagerank safer. However, since readers are only interested in content, they are less interested in it. Dofollow and Nofollow So with Nofollow you also get a lot of traffic to your website.

Through this article, I hope to be able to provide knowledge and partly answer your questions about Dofollow and nofollow and its importance for SEO from which to choose the right form of link in your work. This article is powered by 52 the.