If you frequent the internet, chances are that you have heard stories about how Elon Musk was penetrated by Grimes and that this story seemed plausible to them – some even believed it as fact!

Grimes is a Canadian indie musician and producer known for her alt-pop sound. Recently, she gave an interview to Vanity Fair where she revealed some interesting information about herself and her life.

What happened?

One of the more bizarre celebrity relationships in recent history involves an experimental pop singer and a tech billionaire, Azealia Banks and Elon Musk (opens in a new tab). While initially working together to produce music together, their personal business eventually went public – something which Rolling Stone documented through interviews with both figures regarding their bizarre relationship.

Grimes is an artist, feminist, and tech geek all at the same time, so it should come as no surprise that she holds strong opinions about life around her. Being a mother only seems to bring out more of the best in her. “Oblivion,” her song that became an instant classic and cultural touchstone during 2010-11 lists, made her famous overnight.

No one knows for certain how long her relationship lasted with Musk, but it is evident that they remained close. They collaborated on music projects together and even co-starred in a TikTok video where she read from Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ Communist Manifesto as a mage; this scene went viral, garnering over 1.7 million viewers who liked and commented on the video.

Grimes then released another TikTok video about artificial intelligence, proclaiming it the ‘fastest path to communism’ and leaving viewers confused and perplexed. However, she clearly has great enthusiasm for discussing this subject within her music; thus her beliefs don’t seem too outlandish.

Grimes surprised many when she posted an unmodified nude photo with a fetus Photoshopped onto her belly on social media in 2020, later confirming she and Musk welcomed a son via surrogate in March that year, whom they named X AE A-12 or “pronounced ah-ee ah-twelve.” He is their second child together after daughter Y was born a few months prior.

Why did it happen?

Elon Musk can be seen through different lenses by different people. Some see him as a modern-day Tony Stark, having initiated an electric car and space transport revolution while running a philanthropic foundation during his free time. Others view him as an evil capitalist and union buster – either way one thing remains evident: his actions often make women uncomfortable or violated.

Grimes recently spoke out in an interview with Vanity Fair and shared several bombshells regarding her relationship with Musk, such as having an extra child who she refers to as “Y.” They had this child via surrogate and managed to keep it hidden for many years; it seems unlikely that Grimes would want such an unorthodox figure as Musk in her life without wanting anyone knowing.

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Grimes has had several strange relationships in her time in music – most recently with rapper Azealia Banks and then with Smashing Pumpkins guitarist Billy Corgan at various points – but these latest allegations against Azealia are more surprising than surprising; unlike with Banks. Now it seems Grimes may have taken a more measured approach in regards to Musk.

Since 2015, these two have been together and now both parents. Recently they released Book 1, an album that pays homage to classics such as ’90s smash The Smashing Pumpkins and Beyonce’s Lemonade with its dark, industrial soundscapes; quite different than their earlier album Art Angels which had more electronica elements.

As yet, no one knows what lies in store for this unconventional couple in their future plans. Perhaps they will continue working together on their forthcoming Dune adaptation with Naomie Harris, Ben Kingsley and Jared Leto in its cast.

Grimes’ attention remains focused on her music and new baby. Recently, she tweeted that the inspiration for her latest song “Flatline” came from Valentina Vassilyev’s real life story of giving birth to 69 children between 1725-1725; sixteen pairs of twins and four sets of quadruplets.

What is the significance of this event?

Elon Musk is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and one of its foremost innovators, having founded Tesla and SpaceX respectively. He has created many groundbreaking innovations which have changed lives. With an estimated IQ score of 155 and being an inspiration to many people he also donates generously to several charities.

He has nine children from his previous relationship: five sons and four daughters with his ex-wife. While he may have dabbled with other women as well, his primary focus remains his family; he considers children the future of mankind, therefore striving to ensure they’re happy and receive what they require for a fulfilling existence.

Musk was recently seen laughing and smiling together at a restaurant in New York City, an excellent sign that their relationship is strong and full of love. Furthermore, both are talented individuals who share similar interests such as traveling the globe.

Grimes spoke in depth of her relationship with Elon Musk in a recent interview, noting that she felt like Bene Gesserit after becoming involved with him and that it became challenging to have her own sense of identity while dating someone so famous; additionally she expressed frustration that everyone seemed to see her only as complements for Elon.

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She spoke fondly of her son X AE A-12 Musk. She explained how she named him after one of her favorite book series: Dune. She felt strongly connected with Paul Atreides’ character Paul Atreides; therefore, X was her “chosen one”, having to endure much hardship himself.

Although claims that Grimes and Elon were in a romantic relationship were false, they still generated much discussion on Twitter. Some users were shocked, while others responded with humor or sarcasm; most supporters seemed to support this potential relationship between the two individuals.

What was the issue?

Elon Musk is an innovative businessman with numerous ventures under his wing. Among others, he founded Tesla and SpaceX; other successful companies he created include Elon Motors and Solar City; investments into numerous other projects; developing self-driving cars as well as investing in many others projects such as producing self-driving cars are all among them; his estimated net worth exceeds $60 billion while he is renowned as an inventor, having invented several revolutionary technologies over his career.

Musk has long been revered as an innovator and philanthropist, contributing millions to charities around the globe as well as setting up his own foundation to assist vulnerable children.

He has been married twice, and is the proud parent of seven children: three daughters from his first wife and two sons with his second. His children have always been an important part of his life and has often spoken about the significance of family in his life.

Elon Musk and Grimes have been the subject of numerous reports about their relationship, some more serious than others. Either way, this couple have grown very close over the years and appear content together.

Grimes recently shared details on her relationship with Musk in a recent interview, discussing their controversial interactions as well as her genre-spanning space opera album Book 1 that came out recently.

She also discussed her pregnancy with Musk. She found it to be one of the hardest experiences she’s faced; and regards X AE A-12 Musk as being “the love of her life.”

Grimes has made her mark as an experimental pop artist, creating music videos with stunning results on TikTok. One such music video featured a woman talking passionately about artificial intelligence as the fastest path to communism – an appeal which garnered over 1.7 million views, 100,000 likes, and many thousands of perplexed comments from viewers worldwide.

Though some have criticised this video, most have recognized its creativity and humor as well as its satirical commentary on current political affairs in America; furthermore, numerous awards and nominations have been bestowed upon it.