Doanh nhân Nguyễn Đức An và cuộc sống đời thường

Entrepreneur Nguyen Duc An Not only is he known as a successful and wealthy businessman, but he is also mentioned with the storms of life. Through the post will provide more information to the girls, let’s find out.

Entrepreneur Nguyen Duc An

Not a person in the village to relax, but the name of the giant Duc An is no stranger to marketing and interested people. Perhaps he is best known for the noisy divorce from model Ngoc Thuy. Before, no one knew who this giant was and how rich he was.

Entrepreneur Nguyen Duc A Life BiographyEntrepreneur Nguyen Duc An

It wasn’t until they got entangled in the divorce scandal, when the property statistics came to light, that people were stunned by the wealth of the giant Duc An. He owns a lot of real estate scattered all over the South, stocks, savings in financial institutions, many cars and many successful properties abroad.

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Entrepreneur Nguyen Duc A daily

Giant Duc An whose full name is Nguyen Duc An (born 1962) is a successful overseas Vietnamese American businessman. He grew up in a family of 8 siblings. At the age of 12, he left Vietnam to live in the United States. Although he had lived abroad since childhood, his parents always oriented their children towards Vietnamese culture, especially learning to read and write the national language. Thanks to this, he speaks and writes Vietnamese quite well.

In my own autobiography

With the title “The Autobiography of Lao An” Part 4, this giant also recounted the details of his childhood and the journey to become rich in a foreign country which attracted many people’s admiration.

He wrote: “Last year in the United States I was only 12 years old, however, rain or shine, every morning at 5 a.m. I got up to ride my bike to leave the newspaper, sometimes I slept late and woke up late, my father had to accompany my assistant, he arrived alone at 6:30 and still went to school, he left the newspaper like this every day for nearly 3 years old, saving quite a lot of money for a child at that time, but he was greedier and he wanted more, so much he couldn’t spend it all.

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Wedded life

Apart from being known as a rich man with lots of money, Duc An is also mentioned as a rich man with many wives and peaches no less than the beauties of Vietnamese showbiz. Before marrying Phan Nhu Thao, the giant Duc An had 3 marriages and suspected of dating Miss Thuy Dung and former model Thu Hang.

Model Ngoc Thuy’s ex-husband

However, the most scandalous marriage is marriage to model Ngoc Thuy. It is known that in 2006, the giant Duc An married the famous long legs of the then Vietnamese showbiz after only 1 week of acquaintance. However, after 2 years, having two children together, the couple broke up.

After the divorce, the couple was embroiled in a real estate dispute, with a fortune of up to 288 billion VND. Currently, Duc An’s ownership dispute with Ngoc Thuy is not over and recently the model also blamed her ex-husband for putting the car in dispute to pick up the new bride.

Meeting with Miss Thuy Dung

In late 2014, rumors swirled that Duc An was dating Miss Thuy Dung with many intimate photos between the two. However, neither Duc An nor Thuy Dung spoke to explain this matter.

Finalist Thuy Dung Matures And Matures After Falling In Love |  Entertainment |  YouthMeeting with Miss Thuy Dung

Entrepreneur Nguyen Duc An Meanwhile, Ngoc Thuy also spoke to expose the story that “Miss our country is at the age of the Horse”, “Miss lost her crown at the time of coronation” is dating her ex-husband and is in the care of this wealthy giant. and rich.

And finally, Miss Thuy Dung had to respond and hope that public opinion would be on her side.

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Giant Duc An and model Tran Thu Hang

Immediately after the rumored romance with Thuy Dung, this flower giant was caught eating a buffet dinner with former model Tran Thu Hang at the hotel and the two made many touching gestures to each other.

Meanwhile, Tran Thu Hang praised the giant Duc An as a sincere person, a good friend.

Phan Nhu Thao’s husband

As for Phan Nhu Thao, although the giant Duc An is 26 years older than her and has adopted 3 wives and has romantic suspicions with former model Thu Hang and Miss Thuy Dung, the beauty still lives happy days and full of riches with a lot of money.

The engagement ceremony of Phan Nhu Thao and Duc An took place on November 6 in a warm atmosphere.

An idyllic marriage with a young wife 27 years his junior

After a marriage that caused much ink to flow in the press with the supermodel Ngoc Thuy, the giant Duc An one day thought that he would not necessarily marry a woman working in the art world. But life always has surprises in store, especially love.

Phan Nhu Thao's Wealthy Husband Has Been Issued Arrest Warrant By US Court - StarAn idyllic marriage with a young wife 27 years his junior

Entrepreneur Nguyen Duc An In 2015, he met Phan Nhu Thao. She was born in 1988, to Ca Mau, 27 years younger than the giant Duc An. At that time, Phan Nhu Thao was also a gorgeous long leg in Vietnamese showbiz, having achieved a series of achievements such as Top 10 Miss Vietnam World 2007, Top 5 Vietnamese Models, Miss Vietnam Global Finalist. … But in the first meeting, Phan Nhu Thao was extremely simple, close, even dressed casually, it was the naturalness and brilliance that impressed this giant.

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