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Twitter moguls are known for engaging in heated debates online, often including discussing potential fights. One promoter believes a potential cage fight would bring in millions of dollars and benefit charity.

Although it may sound like idle chatter on social media, White believes both men are serious about fighting. He estimates a pay-per-view match would probably cost about $100 to watch.

Mark Zuckerberg is a big fan of MMA

Social media giant’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been training hard for an MMA debut. Recently, he posted a photo featuring himself with two of MMA’s premier fighters Israel Adesanya and Alex Volkanovski and captioned it with: “No fugazi with Mark. This is serious business.” The post received over 2 million likes.

Zuckerberg has always been an avid follower of wrestling, but his interest has recently taken an unusually active turn. Reportedly, the billionaire has begun training in both wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu while participating in amateur tournaments – as well as appearing on Joe Rogan’s podcast to discuss it!

Rumors persist that Mark Zuckerberg may be planning a fight with Elon Musk. These tech titans have exchanged threats and insults on Twitter, yet may never engage in physical conflict – leaving their respective fans disappointed in either case.

As word of this fight spread, numerous MMA fighters and personalities began commenting. Some expressed strong animus towards both parties involved; others offered more diplomatic responses; one fighter even proposed training with Zuckerberg prior to their fight but was quickly shut down by Meta.

He has a partnership with UFC

The UFC recently announced its partnership with Meta, a virtual reality firm. This announcement came shortly after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg attended an MMA event that was not open to the public and later described him as an influential “nerd” who could elevate MMA as an elite sport.

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Meta and the UFC have entered into an exclusive partnership for live MMA event streaming, beginning this Friday’s LFA 144 fight at Sanford Pentagon in Sioux Falls, South Dakota – available both on UFC Fight Pass and Meta app.

Though MMA may still be relatively unknown in the tech world, its growth is remarkable. This can be attributed to its growing popularity with new audiences as well as an increasing number of fighters entering the sport. Multiple social media platforms are now offering content about this discipline and they are quickly growing their viewership.

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg’s potential cage fight has been widely speculated upon over recent weeks. Both Facebook and Tesla founders have received offers of training from numerous MMA legends – former two-weight UFC champion Georges St-Pierre as well as Death Squad founder John Danaher are two such instructors – while Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt Lex Fridman posted a picture showing the two training together on his podcast.

He has attended a few UFC events

Meta CEO has attended several UFC events recently, most recently one at Apex Las Vegas on Saturday. The Facebook billionaire was seen with his wife Priscilla Chan who appeared shocked as fighters engaged each other during fights in front of her.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has long been an admirer of martial arts, but last year took it one step further and started training himself. He regularly updates followers with his progress via social media updates and even posted video footage showing himself sparring against Khai Wu, an MMA black belt holder.

Zuckerberg has trained alongside former UFC Welterweight and Middleweight Champion Georges St-Pierre, as well as receiving training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where he won multiple medals at an MMA tournament recently.

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UFC President Dana White recently indicated his interest in setting up a cage fight between Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter and Tesla, and Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg, Meta founder. These tech moguls have been exchanging barbs on social media recently with speculation of an imminent fight circulating online.

On Saturday night at Apex Las Vegas for UFC Fight Night 211 event, credentialed journalists were not permitted to cover it. Some have speculated that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg may have rented out this venue and asked the UFC not to permit any other media.

He has trained in MMA

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has taken his potential cage fight with Tesla CEO Elon Musk very seriously by training in mixed martial arts (MMA). Zuckerberg is receiving training from top fighters and experts in jiu-jitsu in preparation for an epic battle. Both billionaire entrepreneurs have engaged in an intense online feud since agreeing to an all-out fight – Zuck even made use of one of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s lines against former Irish champion Conor McGregor as his own callout!

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg was captured training alongside UFC stars Israel Adesanya and Alexander Volkanvski in a photograph. Dripping in sweat but looking toned in the photos, his image went viral online with many commenters complimenting his physique while criticizing Elon Musk for not being afraid of this “jacked” Meta CEO.

The billionaire can often be seen training with Georges St-Pierre and Royce Gracie, among other high-profile competitors, such as BJJ champion Mikey Musumeci who won five IBJF world grappling championships himself. As an avid follower of BJJ, Mikey enjoys learning from different people as he flows without thinking. BJJ teaches him this important philosophy that has helped his business run more effectively; recently losing at a tournament was still okay as long as he learned something. He continues training under coaches like Mikey Musumeci, five time IBJF world champion in grappling division.