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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has attracted much acclaim for his new hobby — mixed martial arts (MMA). He has been training and even competing in tournaments.

Now, Elon Musk and Mark Cuban are gearing up to compete against each other in an Octagon match-up, according to TMZ Sports reports. Both parties appear “dead serious” about sparring each other inside.

1. He is a big fan of UFC

Mark Zuckerberg is no stranger to mixed martial arts (MMA). Recently, the Facebook CEO has been attending private sessions with Khai Wu of Wu Boxing Academy and posted an Instagram video featuring them sparring, which quickly went viral with fans and some fighters themselves; one commented on its post and noted how well trained Mark looked despite only recently beginning training himself.

Zuckerberg attended UFC Apex event on October 1 for a private viewing session with Dana White, as this UFC event was closed off to media. According to reports, it appears that Facebook CEO rented out all available seats at this location just so he and his guests could watch all the fights from start to finish.

Zuckerberg is so passionate about sports that he wants to challenge Elon Musk in a cage fight. These two billionaires have been talking about taking each other on for some time, and both seem equally serious about making this fight happen. Although some might find the idea laughable, it actually makes perfect sense; both train in jiu-jitsu and have experience with striking arts – which would provide for a formidable fight. There are still major hurdles that must be cleared away before such an encounter can become reality though.

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2. He is a jiu-jitsu fan

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has long expressed an interest in martial arts and recently took up Brazilian jiu-jitsu training. At 38 years old, he recently competed in his inaugural grappling tournament and earned two gold and silver medals from trainer Camarillo, known for training UFC fighters Josh Koscheck and Mike Swick among many others.

Zuckerberg has been training under Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu owner Camarillo and MMA fighter Khai “The Shadow” Wu. He has shared his progress on Instagram and made it clear that his goal is to expand beyond BJJ alone.

Zuckerberg expressed his love of Mixed Martial Arts during an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience and explained how he was trying to emulate some of his favorite fighters by learning various disciplines, including wrestling and jiu-jitsu – two core aspects of MMA.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared in a video from his gym training alongside professional wrestler and World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Nick Volkanovski, wearing MMA gloves and motion capture suits to engage in sparring sessions in Metaverse, an interactive virtual reality platform where users can interact.

3. He is a wrestling fan

Although Mark Zuckerberg might not immediately come to mind when you think of combat sports, he appears to be slowly making his mark in that realm. Recently he’s shown interest and even begun training MMA; an interview with Joe Rogan revealed he’d begun taking up both jiu-jitsu and wrestling lessons as well as participating in some amateur MMA tournaments.

Zuckerberg seems determined to make his mixed martial arts (MMA) debut despite all the obstacles in his way. Several high-profile MMA fighters, such as former Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre, have offered training. Furthermore, the social media titan is an avid supporter of UFC, regularly attending events.

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Dana White has come under scrutiny from many MMA fans for entertaining the idea of an MMA fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, though many believe that such an encounter would be one of the biggest in combat sports history. White claims this fight would not just be for entertainment purposes; rather he believes it will resonate with his audience; thus motivating him to push hard for this matchup.

4. He is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu fan

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has made headlines recently due to his surprising interest in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Recently, the billionaire competed in his inaugural tournament and even earned medals! Since then he has been training under Khai Wu from California – who has become his main instructor as Zuckerberg now boasts his white belt status!

After participating in his inaugural jiu-jitsu tournament and beating all his opponents despite being injured, Mark Zuckerberg earned many admirers in the MMA community. Now working hard on perfecting his skills and building confidence in this discipline.

Last year, he told Joe Rogan on his podcast that MMA was challenging and forced him to focus. Additionally, he noted his love of wrestling and rolling when not surfing 15-foot waves on his Hawaii ranch.

Last month, Mark Zuckerberg made headlines when he earned several medals in his inaugural jiu-jitsu match for his jiu-jitsu team under coach Dave Camarillo’s watchful eye. Posting to Instagram to show off his medals and thank his coaches for their support, Camarillo claimed that martial arts participation is helping build Zuckerberg’s confidence as an individual.