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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has recently been seen training MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He competed in his inaugural BJJ tournament and won gold and silver medals, as well as sparring with MMA fighters via Metaverse.

He recently posted an Instagram video showing himself training with Khai Wu at Urijah Faber’s A1 Combat 5 event in Wheatland, California.


Mark Zuckerberg has been practicing mixed martial arts (MMA) for some time. He has taken classes and competed in tournaments to develop his martial art knowledge. Recently, he has begun training with Khai Wu who acts as his personal MMA trainer.

According to Wu, Zuckerberg has made great strides with his mixed martial arts training. He even sparred against professional fighters. But, according to Wu, he remains uncertain whether or not he can manage an actual cage fight.

While Zuckerberg may possess impressive mixed martial arts (MMA) abilities, they may not be enough to beat Elon Musk in an arena cage match. Elon has teased about engaging Zuckerberg in such an encounter for some time now, even offering to pay for the matchup!

Zuckerberg appeared to enjoy himself while sparring against a professional MMA fighter, showing off some jiu-jitsu skills he was taught during UFC fight camp and garnering praise from UFC fighters for his solid techniques and quick reflexes.

Mark Zuckerberg has taken up martial arts as a form of relaxation and stress relief. Taking lessons during the COVID pandemic, he began training jiu-jitsu and competed in tournaments; additionally he is training with MMA coach Dave Camarillo and in one match was even accused of falling unconscious due to misreading effortful grunts as snores!


Zuckerberg is making waves in the mixed martial arts (MMA) world these days, having trained regularly as an avid enthusiast and student of this martial art. Most recently, he competed in a jiu jitsu tournament and earned both gold and silver medals; also sparring alongside Georges St-Pierre and Alex Volkanovski are just among his notable MMA rivals.

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Last month, Israel Adesanya put his skills to the test at an MMA competition in California, winning several matches while engaging in an animated exchange with one referee during another match. Some of the biggest names in MMA such as Israel Adesanya and Brandon Moreno congratulated him for his successes.

Some critics of his abilities as a fighter remain dubious of him, believing his size and weight to be key factors in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Yet experts contend that size alone doesn’t guarantee an edge against opponents with superior training and mindset.

Zuckerberg has proven his worth as an MMA fighter by competing and winning at mixed martial arts (MMA) events. While not yet professional, his success will no doubt increase as time progresses and if his training keeps up at this rate he could soon become one of the go-to fighters in MMA arena.

Weight loss

Zuckerberg recently took an unexpectedly enthusiastic interest in mixed martial arts (MMA), entering the cage for his inaugural sparring session last September with PFL fighter Khai Wu and showed impressive skill. Since then, he has participated in several Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournaments as well as rolling with Mikey Musumeci, flyweight submission grappling champion at ONE Championship flyweight submission grappling champion of one Championship flyweight submission grappling championship tournament – taking the hobby quite seriously as evidenced by making an appearance at an UFC event!

Although neither Zuckerberg or Musk have professional fight experience, their respective interest in mixed martial arts (MMA) has some experts predicting a matchup between them. Dana White has even expressed excitement at putting the fight together and has stated his excitement for making it happen.

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Experts generally predict that Zuckerberg would prevail in any fight between him and Musk. With his healthy diet, impressive endurance, and being 12 years younger than his opponent. Musk, on the other hand, boasts much larger build and structure as well as having an edge when it comes to striking techniques compared to Zuckerberg; making it more difficult for the latter to use his superiority in jiu-jitsu to win out against his counterpart – potentially leaving the outcome up to judges’ decision in any duel between the two men.


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has taken up jiu-jitsu and won his first grappling tournament recently, sparking interest in his potential mixed martial arts (MMA) career and training with pro fighter Khai Wu – though, even with these efforts he still doesn’t come across as being natural enough for fighting such as when competing against Khabib Nurmagomedov who’s an established two-time UFC champion.

Silicon Valley executives appear to be increasingly drawn to mixed martial arts (MMA). According to MMA Junkie, Mark Zuckerberg is regularly attending MMA gyms and training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu for over one year – as well as competing in an MMA tournament and frequenting Joe Rogan’s podcast podcast as a regular guest.

At a recent interview, Mark Zuckerberg praised the philosophy that BJJ and MMA teach, which he describes as one of “flow” and “momentum.” He noted that he trains three to four times weekly in addition to other workouts like cardio and mobility work. Furthermore, The Meta Chief shared advice for newcomers looking to enter the realm of Jiu-Jitsu by saying beginners need to accept that getting hit can be part of learning the sport.