Kinh nghiệm đầu tư phòng tập gym đem lại doanh thu “cực khủng”

Experience Invest in a gym bring colossal income. Asked improve the look of men as Women are getting bigger day by day. But the number of sports halls in cities is still not enough to convince customer need. Major because of thatthe opening of a gym is currently orient oneself business new, “soldier” in recent years.

Investment experience in a gym bring “Extreme” income

Invest in a gymInvest in a gym

find ideas & sketch of an open model gym

  • Friend to want Open a gym in which place, how much space?
  • Customer profile aim of the gymnasium. Price How much does a month/session cost?
  • Are there many gyms around? Dstrong point, weakness their.
  • Income, interest What about the people around where you are opening a gym?
  • Around there Are there many gyms? price How are theirs?
  • How much capital do you plan to invest?
  • Gym design style howWhich unit supports the construction of the gymnasium?
  • The investment of machines for the gym, how much is it in total?
  • Number of employees necessary For undertake gym?
  • How much rent? form tablets?
  • Facilities available in the gym
  • Advertising programs, promotions, attract customers come to practice

Carrying out legal proceedings

For business gym first you have to authorized by law. Let the law allow you need perform total the following procedures:

Have a diploma form tablets:

You must need take a lesson study for a certificate form bodybuilders by the Gymnastics Federation or the competent authority of the Ministry of Culture and Sports And Travel level. Or else, you need Ask someone with the above qualifications to stand help you register business.

Register sell:

Once it was Have a certificate form member, you proceed to your registration business per individual household or business. Whether target Your goal is to open a popular and popular gym SO registered as an individual household (registered with the district people’s committee).

Always if you Invest in a full-scale gym & extra large (premium shape) it should be register business inform business (will be registered with the Department of strategy province/city investment).

Fire protection certificate (fire protection and prevention):

You need equipped with a set of fire safety controls and a few fire extinguishers available at his gym to be issued a fire safety clearance by the district police.

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Gym rules:

It is asked required in gymnasiums. Rules help customers to comply well with regulations And help you easy More gym management. Rules should be clear, abundant but lets go explain brief and concise.

Diet instruct Simple exercises: So that the practitioner does not hurt himself, you have to have a plan instruction The practices are displayed on the wall or in visible places.

Equip yourself with a first aid kit:

When practicing, injury is impossible avoid Since. Therefore, the gym must have doctor’s office the type first aid kit basicLAW ensure types & to do the housework. This not only is the factor For guaranteed It’s also a way for your gym to score points with customers through the smallest things.

Source investment business gym

Opening a gym requires some investment cost quite huge. SO, you have to determine the capital with total THE costs such as: opening gymnasium location, expenses for these device, costs give Human, amount spent for advertising… If the number investment yours is limited you have to consider borrowing or raise funds open a gym.

If yes to use arrive solution This, you have to calculate thoroughly And consider ability took advantage limit lost. HoweverWith an initial capital of around 100-200 million, you can also open your own gym. It is also one of experiences Open a gym from A to Z bring the efficiency that we to want share with you.

pages devicemachinery necessary when opening a gym

An experience of opening your gym need attention there is to prepare the pages devicemachinery necessary when the gym opens. Gym with a lot of device new, modern maybe attract to be an effective practitioner.

With the initial capital to buy exercise equipment is the main thing, your gym should decorate many pages device Convenient complete dissimilarity And with a small capital, you have to Equipment types machine necessary ideal for gym activities & needs of trainees, among them include Treadmill, exercise bike, exercise machine for shoulders, chest muscle, abdominal chair, back, waist.

This is considered types exercise machines, tools Convenient essestial & almost All right to use a lot when clients come to your gym. But you need reasonable balance with the amount of capital sell with the costs convenient monthly to attract Coaches come to your gym.

Area and premises of the sports hall

Gym area based on the size of your investment about how much big or small, However at least must also reach more than 70 m2 with popular sports halls, more than 100 m2 with new high-end sports halls guaranteed enough requirements, & the area to put the exercise machine. Of course, the bigger the room, the more space there will be airy during practice.

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Gym floor plan you should select in the street has a relatively large area, there are car parkin the alley However not too deep to help decrease All right expensesOr you will be Open in the lobby of high-rise buildings where many residents gather, or in office spaces…

You also need to balance the tuition reasonably to be reasonable, the machine is good Cheap ensure will bring attraction receive a very large number of guests, than with expenses CAD However student even less.

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For what Should you invest in gym models?

Invest in a gymInvest in a gym

The fitness industry market is still very potential

with the needs of the job complete health as is the body exploit then the necessary of specialized sports halls is constantly increasing. Add thereThe Vietnamese population is still of working age & Have income can pay the service model It’s also huge. Because of thatgym services spring up like mushrooms after the rain with the “hot breath” lower anybody kind of service other.

Ability increase market share business by franchising methods

If the situation business Your gym succeeds as Yes ability extend business SO you can reference franchise forms sell for your gym. Sor compare with THE business domain On the other hand, for the gym sector, the question of the franchise is rather good easy. Errors mainly interested in machines device, Status gym as is the source Human.

Experience of opening a gym show It is a high-income industry & ability good return on capital

Invest in development types picture sell the gym will be bring for you a lot profit if understand how make them work. Compare with Other service professions income Since business stable gymnasium & more abundant. Most gyms at the moment all have monthly, quarterly and annual training packages that they can withdraw And better turnover of capital.

At the same time with business model the type of gym, just stop some fixed initial capital. The most of kinds All exercise machines have a long service life & free of charge too costs for maintenance or replacement. SOwill also save a lot capital for investors when setting up a sports hall.

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Some error in business gym due to lack of experience

Invest in a gymInvest in a gym

Have a lot young just because of their passion for the gym with feeling momentary to want The opening of a sports hall led to business ineffective. Here is some The most common mistake when opening a gym:

  • Selective Bad space to open a gym.
  • no equity preventive when active business to get worse.
  • Waste enter some costs Are not necessary in regards to business gym.
  • Are not discovered The quality of service from the gym is poor.
  • Not understanding the psychology of customers when they come to the gym.
  • misunderstandings about Victory When business gym.
  • no direction And strategy business certain.
  • Assess short And underestimate competitor.

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Through the article above, I shared with you my experience Invest in a gym generate “extreme” income. I hope this article will bring you a lot of useful information. Thanks for following this post!

Vu Thom – Synthesis & editing

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