Holly and Phil have become the masters of British daytime telly for 13 years by hosting ITV’s This Morning show with impeccable integrity. Their show covers everything from cooking hacks to feel-good family stories.

Last year, they were accused of cutting in line at Queen Elizabeth II’s lying in state, prompting an angry public response.

Holly responded to Phil’s departure by acknowledging their relationship had ‘cooled’.

What is the relationship like between Holly Willoughby and Phil Schofield?

Since Holly took over for Fern Britton in 2009, these two have co-hosted the breakfast show together for more than a decade and have become known for their friendly banter on camera and off. Both parties are considered close off-screen as well, which can often be witnessed through social media posts about each other!

But their relationship may have hit a roadblock. Reports came out this week alleging that co-hosts barely spoke off camera and that friendship had diminished significantly, with sources reporting Holly unfollowing Phil on social media while body language experts see signs of tension between them.

Phil and Holly have not commented directly on the rumor mill but put on an impressive united front this week when presenting the show together yesterday and today. Although neither addressed claims regarding an apparent feud between them, both laughed and joked with one another while discussing news headlines.

Holly’s contract at This Morning expires this September and she could leave if her bosses decide to terminate it. According to reports, Holly is lobbying her bosses for a new deal – though she hinted at being happy without Phil as part of their team.

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At this week’s show, Phil paid tribute to Holly as his “rock”. In a statement issued to The Sun, the presenter expressed his sentiments regarding public concerns surrounding his brother’s recent conviction for child sex offenses, making clear they remain as close as ever off camera. Phil further acknowledged Holly as one of his “best of friends”, adding they are inseparable.

What happened between Holly and Phil?

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have long enjoyed an amicable relationship, co-hosting This Morning together and working on other projects together. Both are known for their on-screen chemistry and friendly banter; indeed they once described it as like family; often posting photos together on their social media pages.

News that Phil had decided to depart with immediate effect came as quite a shock; but apparently this rift had been festering for quite some time prior to Phil announcing that his departure was effective immediately this week.

Reportedly, their differences began as early as 2020 when it was reported that they no longer spoke off camera. According to Holly and Phil’s reports from 2009 when their careers first began together, Holly found him more attractive.

Conflict between the pair escalated in the months prior to their departure from This Morning – with speculation rife about queue-gate in September as they were accused of skipping the queue to visit Queen Elizabeth, prompting outrage among viewers despite ITV issuing a statement in their defense.

Sources have reported that Holly is dissatisfied with Phil’s pay, believing she deserves more. Furthermore, sources indicate she’s angry that he didn’t inform her of Tim’s paedophilia trial and subsequent 12-year prison sentence; something they have yet to address directly publicly themselves but Eamonn Holmes of GB News believes should lead them both out the door immediately.

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What is the relationship like between Holly and Phil?

Phil and Holly became fast friends upon meeting on Dancing On Ice and have co-hosted This Morning since 2009. The duo is widely revered for their on-screen chemistry, warm rapport and humorous banter; off-screen they’re known to share close bonds; their social media pages frequently display tributes from fans and photos from family holidays they have shared together.

According to reports, their friendship has taken a dramatic decline. According to sources close to Holly and Phil, it has been suggested that they rarely communicate outside of camera coverage and their relationship has become particularly tenuous since facing backlash over ‘queuegate’ – claims that they skipped the queue when visiting Queen Lying-In State last September. Although neither have addressed these allegations head on yet, Holly seems stunned by Phil releasing his statement about ‘queuegate’.

Holly is said to be highly dismayed at Phil’s response to the controversy and claims the last month has been one of the toughest periods of her career. A source close to both parties stated, ‘Both have experienced immense strain from this controversy – this storm really tested their confidence and friendship.’

Phil returned to his show, without Holly present, but told viewers she is unwell and needs time off in order to feel better, adding that all members of his team send them love and support.

Many fans have speculated who will succeed Holly on the sofa. Some fans have speculated Alison Hammond or Dermot O’Leary may step into her shoes while other have mentioned TV personalities such as Rylan Clark – who recently replied back at an offensive tweeter by publicly denouncing it himself!