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Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield formed an incredible tandem on the This Morning sofa. Their on-screen chemistry was truly extraordinary, often going viral for their hilarious antics with chef Gino D’Acampo.

Last week, it came to light that Schofield had an “unwise but legal” affair with one of ITV’s younger staffers, which he attempted to keep secret from Willoughby and his family.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield’s relationship

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have been co-hosts on ITV’s This Morning since 2009. After first working together on Dancing on Ice back in 2006, their on-screen chemistry quickly made them fan favorites and their relationship quickly blossomed as viewers delighted in watching these two comedic presenters work side-by-side.

Sighted viewers have noted a change between Holly and co-presenter Amy in recent weeks, prompting many to speculate as to what’s transpired between them. Holly has deleted Amy from social media without explanation, leaving many questioning what’s transpiring between them.

Schofield announced earlier this week his resignation from This Morning after confessing to engaging in an “unwise but not illegal” affair with one of his younger colleagues. Additionally, his management agency YMU dropped him and ITV bosses are facing questions as to what knowledge they may have had regarding this scandalous affair.

Schofield was recently exposed for lying to Holly Willoughby about his affair with one of her younger colleagues. Since the scandal broke, Holly has expressed that she feels misled by her former best friend; since they barely speak off camera anymore.

Holly and Phil had been close for many years and Holly was said to be his ‘rock’ when he came out as gay during This Morning live on 20/20. Since that momentous event however, their relationship is said to have become tenuous; and neither Holly or Phil has spoken off-camera since news of this gossip broke out.

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Schofield’s exit from This Morning

Phillip Schofield announced his departure from ITV show This Morning after months of rumors in May. At 61 years old, he admitted having an inappropriate and not illegal relationship with a younger male runner from his production team and that he had misled both management at ITV as well as his own family about this matter.

His departure caused an outpouring of sorrow and questions about ITV’s culture behind the scenes, with two former hosts of the show (Eamonn Holmes and Dr Ranj Singh) alleging there is an environment of bullying and abuse at production level. On June 14, ITV boss Dame Carolyn McCall has been summoned before a parliamentary committee for questioning regarding her handling of this scandal.

Holly Willoughby addressed the situation on Monday’s This Morning episode, noting her distress at her co-host’s departure and thanking viewers for their messages of support.

But not everyone was persuaded by her statement, with some believing that she may have deliberately dissed her former co-host through various social media posts. On Tuesday, presenter Emily VanCamp appeared to poke fun at former co-host by smiling for the camera with temporary co-host Dermot O’Leary while adding an orange heart emoji in a snap on Twitter.

Schofield’s relationship with Willoughby

Holly and Phillip’s relationship has not been the best since his confession of his affair with a younger colleague; reports state they no longer speak off-screen. Although once close enough for family holidays together, their bond has since disintegrated due to Queuegate and Phil’s brother’s child sexual abuse case.

Holly returned to This Morning on Monday following a two week absence, where her co-host Josie Gibson provided invaluable support as Holly delivered an opening statement regarding the Phillip scandal. Holly further revealed she had spoken to Phil directly regarding these rumours but he denied them all.

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Rumors of an ITV bosses’ dismissing any claims of a rift have quickly been disproved by ITV bosses themselves. A spokesperson stated they conducted an investigation in 2020 into these rumours and both parties categorically denied these allegations; additionally, Schofield’s talent agency (YMU) stated emphatically it never took place.

Viewers of This Morning have observed Holly has gradually been untagging Phillip from her social media accounts. She had previously listed him in her bio as “Twitter legend” but no longer uses that title, nor post pictures with him on her Instagram feed, instead opting to focus more on her duties as This Morning presenter.

Schofield’s sexuality

Phillip Schofield has long been known for his support of LGBTQ+ rights, and recently came out as gay in his autobiography Life’s What You Make It. Although he struggled with his sexuality for most of adult life, family and friends accepted him immediately when he came out as gay – including Stephanie Lowe whom he married who has two daughters Molly and Ruby together with them.

Phil Schofield’s decision to share his sexuality on air was met with overwhelming support from viewers. Following his announcement, fans reached out via social media channels such as Twitter to express their thanks for his courage.

ITV has been at the centre of controversy in the past two weeks following Phillip Schofield’s revelation of having had an “unwise but not illegal affair with a younger colleague. Schofield has since come under scrutiny from political figures for his behaviour as well as accusations against ITV bosses that they did little to investigate these claims.

ITV confirmed to The Times that they conducted an investigation into reports of Schofield dating a younger man and asked both individuals involved to clarify any relationship, both of whom denied.