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Holly returned from her two week hiatus on This Morning alongside Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond with the opening line asking viewers if they were feeling alright before acknowledging how strange it felt without Phil being there with them.

The 61-year-old then gave an emotional interview, confessing his deceit in lying to Holly over an affair he was having with a younger male colleague.

Holly Willoughby’s reaction to Phill Schofield’s scandal

Holly took to Instagram on Monday evening and expressed her discontent over Phill Schofield’s scandalous affair affair scandal, admitting to feeling “genuinely shocked and saddened”. Holly then requested privacy for both herself and Phil’s families.

Holly has co-presented This Morning since 2006 and appeared in many other popular programs such as Streetmate (dating game show) and Lust Conquers All (reality TV series). Additionally, Holly and Fearne Go Dating is hosted jointly with Fearne Cotton as another presenter/hostess duo.

Phill Schofield announced last week his resignation from This Morning following the revelation of an affair he was engaging in with one of his PA/runners, whom he admitted was his PA. Schofield admitted lying to ITV, Holly Willoughby and their agent about this consensual on-off relationship claiming it was “unwise but legal”.

Not for the first time have the two found themselves embroiled in controversy with media. Back in 2022, they were accused of queue jumping at a memorial service for Queen Victoria, prompting public outrage and leading to harsh criticism by press outlets – being called ‘Tory snobs’ accused of naked homophobia by some publications.

Phill Schofield’s exit from This Morning

Holly Willoughby made an emotional and profoundly powerful appearance on Monday’s This Morning to address former co-host Phillip Schofield’s sudden exit from ITV show This Morning. At 42, Willoughby admitted she felt shaken, troubled and let down by Phillip Schofield’s departure, as well as grateful for viewers’ messages of support from viewers around the globe.

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Holly appears on the show for the first time without Phill since he revealed an “unwise but not illegal affair” between them and a younger male colleague, prompting his talent agency to dismiss him and her stripping him of her role on the program.

This Morning has long been accused of having an unpleasant culture, with health expert Dr. Ranj alleging bullying and sexual harassment on air. A spokesperson from ITV denied these allegations in a statement issued on their behalf: “This Morning prides itself on providing a positive workplace for its staff.” Additionally, this statement said this programme would investigate any claims leveled against it.

Phill Schofield’s apology

Phill Schofield and Holly Willoughby have become beloved figures on-screen thanks to their natural chemistry and relaxed friendship, often being described as the “daytime TV golden couple”. Clips featuring them laughing together have gone viral while there have also been reports about an apparent disagreement on This Morning set that may indicate otherwise. But some reports indicate tension between them.

Phill admitted in an explosive interview with The Sun that he had an affair with someone more than 30 years younger and then lied about it to ITV bosses, with devastating repercussions for himself ‘bringing great misery into an otherwise innocent life’.

ITV chief executive Dame Carolyn McCall has come under scrutiny over how she handled an employee incident, prompting top silk Jane Mulcahy KC to conduct an external review into how ITV management responded and handled the situation. While McCall says this review will ensure they did not violate any laws or protect employees, critics argue it comes too late as ITV should have investigated when first emerging relationships began surfacing.

Phill Schofield’s exit from ITV

Politicians rarely discuss daytime TV, but Phillip Schofield’s departure from ITV amid allegations involving his relationship with an underaged colleague has reignited debate about workplace ethics and opened up discussions regarding whether executives at Britain’s largest ad-funded broadcaster could have done more to stop his affair.

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Presenter Jon Snow first made his mark as an ITV household name when he co-hosted This Morning alongside Fern Britton until her departure in 2008. Following this he then presented All Star Mr and Mrs, Dancing on Ice and The Cube respectively.

Schofield acknowledged in a statement released to ITV on Saturday afternoon that he had engaged in an “unwise but legal” relationship with a young researcher working on his show. Additionally, he announced his intent to resign as ITV employee, which ultimately happened.

Holly Willoughby addressed the scandal on her return to This Morning on Monday morning and described herself as being shaken, troubled, and let down by its entirety. She pledged her best efforts in getting back onto air as quickly as possible despite receiving criticism for her remarks – standing firm against any possible backlash against them.

Phill Schofield’s ex-wife Stephanie Lowe’s reaction to Phill Schofield’s scandal

Phil was promptly dropped by ITV and talent agency YMU following his affair, losing both roles as Prince’s Trust ambassador as well. Now jobless and his family devastated, Phil must seek work elsewhere.

Stephanie was left devastated and angry after hearing of his confession of cheating on her, which came as a shock as he always described his lover as his friend and colleague. Furthermore, his eldest daughter Molly only heard about it minutes before it was published by reading an excerpt from his statement to the Daily Mail wherein he admitted lying about their relationship in which he admitted lying about it.

Phil was presenting children’s TV while Steph served as production assistant at the BBC; they married and had two daughters, Molly and Ruby, in 1993 before eventually divorcing but remaining close – attending television star Leigh Francis’ 50th birthday party together in April; later being seen alongside Phil at an interview for TEDx event held in London last year.