Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield’s longtime partnership has long been seen as a source of laughter and tears to audiences, yet after Phil admitted to lying about an affair he had with an earlier colleague; their friendship has since disintegrated, with Phil leaving This Morning as well as being let go from his agents.

Phil will be replaced on the sofa on Monday by Josie Gibson, whom is reported to be deeply distressed at his departure. His co-host has expressed sadness about this news.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield’s Heartwarming Holidays Together

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have long been considered best friends outside the This Morning studio, attending social events together and even taking family trips abroad together. So it came as no shock when Phillip was caught lying about having an affair with an underage production worker – something Holly was left deeply hurt by.

Since Phillip’s exit last week, much has been made about any potential differences between Holly and Phil; however, Holly has given fans assurances that there is no problem between the two of them.

Phil was seen holding onto his beloved blue bear while proclaiming, ‘We can’t lose this!’ during one photo opportunity on holiday in Portugal.

Holly also posted on Instagram, this time featuring herself and Phil looking radiantly joyful, along with a caption that read: ‘This is what happiness looks like’.

Recent videos posted by Holly and Ruth highlight their close bond, such as one showing them getting lost in a forest, but laughing and having fun anyway! It serves as a great reminder that their relationship is far from over despite what the tabloids suggest – in fact Holly told bosses she wants to continue presenting the show and will likely return in September; Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford will fill-in for them until then.

The Shocking Scandal

After Phil Schofield admitted he lied about having an affair with one of his younger male colleagues, ITV bosses initiated a full investigation of their working relationship and Phil was dropped from his agents after over three decades and then resigned from ITV altogether. Holly has worked alongside Phil since 2004 and was initially reluctant to be drawn into this scandal; however, many fans took to social media in an attempt to accuse Holly of knowing about it all along.

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Since that podcast appearance, both Holly and Schofield have addressed rumors regarding their friendship on podcasts and Holly recently expressed her empathetic feelings for her old friend on Gyles Brandreth’s show. Schofield spoke publicly last week about his battles with mental health following admission and disclosed suicidal thoughts as a result of being discharged from hospital.

Schofield also claims he faced homophobia from people disapproving of his relationship with the man, whom he met when he was 15. However, Schofield denied grooming the young man and insisted their initial sexual encounter took place in his dressing room. Since the scandal broke out on Monday morning, Phil and Holly both appeared as hosts with Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary for This Morning to answer viewers’ queries and admit their shock over Phil’s admission of grooming of an underage student. As for Holly herself, she appeared as hosts alongside Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary on Monday morning, asking viewers about their wellbeing before admitting she felt shaken, troubled and let down by Phil’s admission of grooming during her interview with Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary as Phil asked viewers how they were feeling before confessing herself being shaken, troubled and let down by Phil’s admission and admitting her distress at being left out by Phil’s admission of grooming of young man aged 15.

Phil’s Statement

Holly returned from her two-week leave of This Morning this morning alongside Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary, visibly emotional over her former colleague’s abrupt exit, offering her own statement at the top of the show to address this matter.

They shared 13 years together bringing viewers everything from celebrity interviews to real-life dilemmas, their chemistry was undeniable and viewers enjoyed watching them present the day’s top news stories together.

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Holly was said to be extremely upset that Phillip had undermined her when it came to presenting duties, making her feelings known to the production team and Holly had taken steps to communicate this anger to Phillip directly.

Phil revealed in his statement that he had misled employers, colleagues and friends regarding his affair with a younger This Morning employee. He blamed homophobia as being behind public disapproval of their relationship and expressed feelings that he had lost everything in terms of career opportunities.

Holly has not publicly responded to Phil’s statement; however, she did post an Instagram photo showing her looking fresh-faced and content. Fans believe this could have been her way of thanking supporters for all the support she received following Phil’s statement. While Holly expressed sadness over Phil’s betrayal of trust with their best friend, she maintained her innocence when asked by viewers whether there had been any split.

Holly’s Return

Holly Willoughby made her triumphant return to This Morning today – and did not hold back. It was her first show since Phil Schofield announced his resignation over an affair he was having with an ITV employee of their younger age, and Holly spoke candidly and openly about this latest scandal.

Holly expressed her shock and outrage over the scandal, noting that it left her feeling let down by someone she trusted. Holly then held former co-host responsible, accusing him of withholding key information from her and not telling the whole truth about his conduct.

Holly was joined during her speech by guest presenter Josie Gibson and several of her co-hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary who cheered enthusiastically upon seeing Holly back on screen.

But Holly and Phillip’s battle was far from over. In his only newspaper interview since leaving This Morning, Phillip revealed that he will not watch Holly’s return due to it being too emotionally devastating for him.

Sources close to 42-year-old were informed that she is currently writing a statement for a program wherein she will mention him directly. They noted,’she has thought carefully over what she will say as she wants to make the appropriate choice,’ they stated.