Holly and Phil enjoyed decades of outstanding on-screen chemistry that saw their popularity soar across daytime television. Drawing in strong viewer numbers with their engaging personalities and humorous banter as well as sexual innuendo.

Though both actors appear to have an amicable relationship, observers claim to have identified signs of tension.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby’s Relationship

Presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby have long been close, working together on some of Britain’s most-watched programs such as Dancing on Ice and co-hosting This Morning. Unfortunately, however, their relationship was put through strain after revelations of Phillip’s affair with an employee younger than himself; although unwise yet legal according to his statement. As a result of lying about it to Holly Willoughby he left ITV and split from his agents after admitting lying about it during their conversation about it with Holly Willoughby.

Holly, 42, has been in the media business for 20 years. Following her success on Dancing on Ice, she earned the moniker ‘the golden girl of TV.’ Additionally, Holly has hosted various big shows like I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and The Chase.

Rumors of tension between Holly and Phil first surfaced in 2020 when it was reported they hardly spoke outside the studio. Now sources have told The Sun that Holly is saddened to hear about Phil’s emotional pain over recent months, feeling betrayed when she learned they weren’t as close as she thought they were. Their friendship has since become tenuous; on set workers can now detect when cameras are off that they are no longer as close.

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The Queue-Jumping Controversy

Holly and Phillip’s daytime show is immensely popular, drawing millions of viewers each morning to their delightful chat about cookery tips and family stories – no doubt adding another feather in their British television crowning glory crowning crown.

And when they were accused of queue jumping at Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral following her death, it sparked widespread outrage from members of the public. Reports emerged of them bypassing a five-mile line to film for This Morning instead entering through press lines; which led them into trouble with authorities.

But in an interview with Dan Wootton for his GB News programme, Schofield has come forward to defend them and argue they have been unfairly targeted by outraged viewers who have initiated a petition calling for them to be sacked.

ITV bosses remain confident in Phil and Holly despite the ongoing dispute; CEO Carolyn McCall even texted them both individually to wish the queue-jumping antics would subside quickly.

But that doesn’t stop fans of the show from being outraged. Eamonn Holmes has made no secret of his dislike of Schofield and recently joked on Have I Got News For You that this queue-jumping scandal was “the biggest thing happening this week”. Watch it here.

Phillip Schofield’s Exit from This Morning

Phillip Schofield’s departure from This Morning has been one of the biggest daytime TV scandals of 2017. ITV suspended him following admission that he lied about an affair he was having with an underage member of staff and has now ended his 13 year run on This Morning with this decision.

Holly Willoughby returned to screens after taking two-week half term holiday. Her first appearance since the scandal broke was an emotional pre-written statement which brought tears to viewers’ eyes.

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Phil had admitted he had lied to her and this statement hurt her deeply; as a result, she no longer feels the same way about him and believes this morning will never be the same without him around.

She stated that when reports of Phil and a runner relationship first surfaced in 2020, she asked him directly and was assured it was not true. Additionally, she informed ITV bosses of this and they felt let down by his behavior.

She then pledged to ‘keep the This Morning sofa family together’, joining Josie Gibson who has been a frequent presenter and recently won Big Brother 2021.

Holly Willoughby’s Statement

Holly Willoughby made her first public statement since co-host Phil Schofield was exposed for having an affair. She began by greeting Josie Gibson before shaking hands with them both as well as shaking hands with audience members before beginning her segment with nerves in tow.

Willoughby made her statement brief and succinct, directly addressing viewers. She only mentioned her former colleague once (“It feels very strange indeed sitting here without him”) and clearly indicated she felt for viewers similarly affected by this scandal – from ITV staff members to Schofield’s young daughter. Finally, Willoughby expressed sadness over how much this has affected all involved – from ITV staff members to Schofield’s family and daughter.

Holly made an emotive and emotionally charged statement to viewers, yet some were questioning its sincerity. A British Psychological Society-accredited analyst told the Mirror that Holly’s opening and exhale seemed “disingenuous”.

Fans were quick to point out how Willoughby’s statement only addressed her reaction to the scandal, not Schofield’s behavior or decision to keep their relationship hidden from millions of viewers. Schofield seemed unmindful of any effect his decision might have had on viewers who may have been deeply shaken and upset by it.