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What is capital management?

Sources of capital are financial relationships major but thanks to that business maybe Mining or Mobilizing? some money certain invest in real estate business. Capital include equity have been and passive.

capital management to integrate it’s work business Development strategy And to use equity have been and manage debts to Of course always To have money for these work manufacturing – sell.working capital management

Manage skills capital get a good result

Create plan identify Exactly desire working capital the company

Business need based on financial goals major previous period, forecast fluctuations in working capital, the difference between plan and convenient to establish strategy raise funds. From strategy there continue calculate the remaining number insufficient And identify channel raise funds Fit reduce Status excess capital, causing waste Or lack who interrupts work business the company, simultaneously avoid risk ability arrive.

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Some attention For business create plan Successful working capital is:

  • Plan the capital is established on the basis of strategy capital business
  • Plan the capital is constituted when ensure Satisfied analysiscalculate economic indicators stees – financial major from the previous period
  • Plan the capital is constituted when there is forecast about the situation sell as ability growth next year and market volatility
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Active and easier operationUgh CAPITAL REMOVEDHang and working capital

Some capital from the outside but business ability Mobilization is:

+ Bank loan: REDIt is capital additional Yes can’t And not capital create maybe working capital organisation

+ Source of capital for joint ventures and associates: REDIt is form cooperate this past there THE business not only raise capital for work sell but also learn from management experience, perceived scientific and technical progress and technology transfer

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+ Capital occupied: Here can’t And not just capital mobilized to integrate because In fact their commitments are paid in advance by the seller or the buyer.

Increase accounts receivable management, avoid maximum amount of capital employed

There are 4 things note in the management of customer accounts are:

  • Monitor retail customer accounts over time, limit so that these debts fall into Status doubtful debts
  • Should apply how to do Talent major promote consume product And limit misappropriated capital such as payment discounts and penalties for late violations
  • Essestial THE measure skilfully preserve the connectivitya friend but still bring debts
  • When purchasing or paying in advance, payment must be made in full require the person who issues property insurance policies purchased for the purpose of limit loss, damage of goods according to the principle “full delivery, full payment” or other sanctions apply in signing the contract

To properly manage receivables, the age of debt as payable debt, very a lot business Satisfied to use application an accountant on line FRIENDS.VN a uses Debt management.

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To use effective Temporary idle cash capital

Such as underneath will be show us, if only how to do to use effective idle capital, business What will be the benefit? of the year 2008 amount of money the company imported chocolate concentrate Mostly In financial institutions (1 billion 510 million represents 92.6%). With the mountain of money send financial institutions so big, business Satisfied lost opportunity investment for the work other promises more profits like business Talent to integratereal estate…

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