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Japanese house

Unsplash: Jon Ly

You can respond to “thank you” in a number of ways, and one of them is to say “you’re welcome.” The best thing about saying “you’re welcome” is that it easily rolls off your tongue. You are welcome. You are welcome. You are welcome. You are welcome. Notice how this human automatic response is spelled with “you are” instead of “your”, that’s because “you’re welcome” is a contraction of “you’re welcome”.

The word “welcome” comes from the Old English word “wilcuma” which means desired guest. In the Middle Ages, the word was used to describe something nice. In the 15th century, the term was added to invitations expressing respect and appreciation. And, four hundred years later, the statement became known as the thank you response. In some cases today, a “you’re welcome” is even commented on as a cheeky saying or boast. But that doesn’t matter because how you want to use it is up to you. However, just remember that the essence behind this timeless phrase is about acknowledging gratitude.

    • Spanish: You’re welcome (you’re welcome)
    • English: Please (jeh vous ehn pree)
    • Japanese: You’re welcome (Dōitashimashite)
    • Mandarin Chinese: You’re welcome (Bù kèqì)
    • Spanish: You’re welcome (well done)
    • Spanish: You’re welcome (You’re welcome)
    • Portuguese: You’re welcome (je nada)
    • Spanish: You’re welcome (you’re welcome)
    • Swedish: Forward (vasago)
    • Norwegian: Værsågod (varsago)
    • English: you’re welcome
    • Spanish: You’re welcome (you’re welcome)
    • Greek: please (parakaló)
    • Finnish: Please (oleh hehva)
    • English: Please (proshe) / You’re welcome (nye ma tza tso)

    • English: Please (prehgoh)
    • Swahili: Karibu (close)
    • Afrikaans: it’s a pleasure (is in pleasure)

    • English: Please (pozhaluysta)
    • Ukrainian: Proshu (proshu)
    • Tagalog: Volang anuma (nothing)
    • English: It was so little (it was so enlightened)
    • Spanish: You’re welcome (you’re welcome)

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