Đầu tư gì với 10 triệu tiền vốn? Mách bạn loạt ý tưởng cực hay

What to invest with 10 million VND funds? Trick you series creative ideas Alright. What to do with the capital of 10 million in hand really it is not easy at all, while the market is increasingly saturated And the value of money depreciates. With me Learn more posts underneath Please!

In what to invest with 10 million capital?

online mode

What to invest with 10 million VND

What to invest with 10 million dong? IDEA thought business Start a business with 10 million VND First of all that I to want The suggestion for you is sell Online mode.

With not too much capital, you can learn & supply of goods clothesshoes … prestige, Cheap at the wholesale market or shop wholesale, wholesale fashion. After thereplease post fashion products regularly new pagethe most unique principal Facebook page My personal search for the source potential customers.

Sell ​​handicrafts

What to invest with 10 million VND

What to do with 10 million? If you really smart & If you love handmade items, don’t waste your potential startup channel with 10 million VND capital. Reality show uscapital amount you have to pay for the purchase of materials for handicrafts too.

Because of that, you will be Enjoy your free time at home or your lunch break business, school for making handmade items such as cards, bracelets, necklaces, etc. To earn extra income enough.

Clothes children earn money online

What to invest with 10 million VND

sell clothes children very cute And beautiful. furtherEvery parent likes to shop for their children. Seize this point is you can Sold online items clothes children.

Friend to use Even if you are short of 10 million to import goods, you can but better please sell inform cooperate pellets. If you have 10 million, where to invest? sell Kid stuff?

The amount of capital should be divided to invest in taking samples, running ads, etc. sell would actually be more effective. Advice good for this method is to choose products according to age as products according to orient oneself. good sale you will be Earn from 500,000 VND/day.

Invest in gold

What to invest with 10 million VND

If you only have 10 million dong on hand, investing in gold is also quite reasonable. Choose to buy when the price of gold drops, you buy 2-3 gold coins only to hoard them. Wait a bit, when the price of gold goes up, sell it. The part of the money you earn based on supply/demand difference.

Thinking of buying gold, you have to choose when gold is lowest & sold at the highest price. ButNot everyone sensitive enough to know market, you must have qualified to invest in this area.

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When Price Volatility Is Out of Everything forecastreached the highest number in history when Global up to $2,075/ounce & Vietnam to go up 60 million dong/tael in August 2020, then fell sharply.

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Sidewalk sticky rice

What to invest with 10 million VND

What are you doing to get rich? What to do with 10 million dong? You will be Choose to sell sticky rice on the sidewalk. Replace by If you only sell sticky rice in the morning, you can combine them the type more tea to increase income.

You must need Prepare the following tools to sell sticky rice and tea on the sidewalk: pots, pans, teapots, sticky rice baskets, coolers, cups, bowls, boxes, spoons, chairs… And choose the place business fit.

A serving of sticky rice or tea costs an average of 10,000 VND. You can sell about 50 sticky rice servings per day & 50 cups of tea and you’re done income about 1.2 million.

A month income your once apart from amount spent there is about 25 million dong left. To the question What to invest with 10 million? Sidewalk sticky rice will be respond help you very quickly to become rich.

clothing trade garbage can

What to invest with 10 million VND

With orient oneself Do you prefer unique or branded products? good pricemovement sell clothes The crate becomes hot. Wholesale business The box is also full of people selective by low start-up capital, high profit. Hthanks again with 10 million is you can transform owner shop Already there.

In fact, there are many shop The bars became famous, customers came in and out, especially after each unpacking notice. BILLIONwhy is it you don’t tempt fate sell its to business container progressively suppresses the immune system.

Have a good source of goods, each bale or shrimp weighs about 50-80-100 kg you have to spend about 4-10 million dong to earn 2-3 times profit, with summer products usually the price will be cheap and okay more products.

Marketing and Communications Assistant

What to invest with 10 million VND

With the tumultuous development of the media industry worldmany bosses feel difficult to follow orient oneself new. If you have excellent writing and editing skills, & Work experience in the field of public relations And marketing.

Your job will be to help clients develop communication strategies, create blogs, Facebook fan pages, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ accounts. His story, Savvy, owner of a public relations company, can give you some great ideas for invention before starting this new business.

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The way I do it is to provide online information services. The first thing Cathy does is master the basics and then choose a niche that specializes in the customers she is targeting.

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Business special location

What to invest with 10 million VND

With expenses initially spent not too big, as costs Advertising is also cheaper because the local specialties are already well known. Your job is how Let people know you are selling this item at Cheap And source guaranteed.

Normally Local specialties are not too expensive, many people choose to buy as gifts. Are you a local? business speciality there ass simple than to know the source of the goods price GOOD.

Personal/brand image consultant

What to invest with 10 million VND

Are you the type of person that makes a lot of people stop and look back? & exclaims “Wow, you look great! Would you mind shopping with me?” If respond yes then you not only is a sensitive person orient oneself last but also have the necessary skills to become a personal or brand image consultant.

Tracey Reed, owner of Philadelphia-based image consulting firm Tracey Evelyn Beatiful You share “The two men And Women need to improve their self-image, And I am ugly Creative spirit And refresh their image, from make-up lessons to shopping.

These potential customers You are successful women who are too busy to shop, brides who need makeup before the big day. And even gentlemen desire Your office image becomes more impressive. You should create a blog for share THE advice Short.

To try Facebook page And other social networks to find customers.

Sale of bonsai

What to invest with 10 million VND

Assets under 10 million should sell well business What with 10 million in hand is the question of many young people wish convenient business. 10 millions not capital is too big but if you know selective items sell Fit Then you can make a huge profit. Business mini bonsai is selective perfect for those who don’t know business with 10 million in hand.

Business snacks

What to invest with 10 million VND

Or It is path business snacks And experience business with a capital of 10 million that not everyone knows about. In the markets of studentor the edge of the area university. There are some items that are quite easy without too area: idea business breakfast food, hand-mixed rice paper, mixed vermicelli, … snack needs often students student high.

They love hand-held food, especially mixed dishes with a lot of smell. Some the dish above is quite easy to make, & it’s not necessary too capital to rent places like iced tea. Period business most reasonable for idea business with this capital of 10 million it’s morning And evening.

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Through the article above, I shared with you What to invest with 10 million VND funds? I told you a bunch of good ideas. I hope this article will bring you a lot of useful information. Thanks for following this post!

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