Hướng dẫn cách trả lời khách hàng trên facebook hiệu quả

Currently, many individuals and companies choose to exchange their products and services on the social networking platform facebook. Because of the convenience as well as the ability to reach customers quickly. The next post will be guide businesses on how to respond to customers on facebook to increase the conversion rate of customers in the company.

Towards a professional image

In the business environment, transparency is seen as an extremely necessary and important factor, especially in the online environment. Because customers have a lot of doubts about the existence of the store and wonder whether or not to trust your company’s products or services.

Instructions on how to effectively respond to customers on Facebook

Therefore, you should be careful to choose your account name and avatar carefully so that customers can trust you more and see your professionalism. If you intend to have a long-term business on this platform, use a brand name to name the page and choose an iconic image of the business or product that the business offers as your avatar.

Respond to messages promptly and promptly

The speed of customer response greatly affects business strategies, business marketing and product closing rate. Thus, if you are slow to respond to customers, your customers just have to choose the products of other stores because the growth in activity gives them more initiative in the choice of products and store.

To create a positive impression and increase the likelihood of customers buying products, you need to respond to customer messages continuously and quickly. Plus, ensure the usefulness of the content with a welcoming, open and enthusiastic attitude towards customers.

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Message Automation

Used by many companies, message automation is how to respond to customers on facebook extremely effective that should not be overlooked. According to the survey, more than 80% of questions on company fanpages have similar content.

So you need to install a chatbot to answer all customer questions automatically instead of sending messages manually, which is time-consuming and easy to miss customer messages. This is considered to be the most perfect and optimal way to respond to customers on Facebook, solve problems such as consultation, support, order closing, … with extremely fast and stable speed.

Instructions on how to effectively respond to customers on Facebook

Bizfly Chat – Consulting chatbot software, automatically closing orders according to scripts for all areas, extremely professional, quality and brings high efficiency in message automation. This software is operated by VCCorp – a pioneer in the field of technology and communication with more than 13 years of experience with thousands of IT personnel, leading experts in Vietnam.

It is a bot that automatically responds to customers according to a 24/7 script that works independently on the website, fanpage, email and centrally manages many fanpages on one tool. And assign customers to each Bizfly Chat sale best suited for event organizers, chain units (restaurant chains, chain stores, …), retail stores that need to manage multiple fan pages at the same time. time.

To know more about Bizfly Chat solution packages, you can contact the team of experts on hotline 1900 636465. Or visit the website: https://bizfly.vn/giai-phap/chat-bot-ai .html