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Business success is in your power. Business knowledge is therefore the core value to help you get rich. To have these values ​​yourself, you have to know how to capture them and it’s not easy. If you have any difficulties, today hosodoanhnhan will summarize how to get rich by investing Please.

What is investment?

Investment is defined as activities that use current resources to provide the economy and society with better results in the near future relative to the resources used. In a broader sense, investment will also be understood as the sacrifice of current resources to carry out certain activities in order to obtain in the future results superior to the resources used. In simple terms, investment is the use of financial, material, labor, intellectual and time resources to achieve profit and socio-economic benefits.

What is investment?

If not gambling, what is real investment, to answer this question, you know the characteristics of investment:

Investment cost

The investment amount is the money accumulated by the company, business unit or individual mobilized from many sources. The capital can be used to reproduce, maintain physical and technical installations, renew and complete machines and services with the aim of generating growth and profitability.

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Considered as a prior factor, which is not only money but can also be other types of assets such as equipment, machinery, warehouses, construction sites, workshops, property, technological processes , land use rights, other resources…. Capital is also abundant such as state capital, private capital, equity capital, debt capital.

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Investment time

To be considered as an investment, operations must have a fairly long duration of at least 2 years or more and even up to 50 years. If it is less than 1 year, it cannot be considered as an investment. The investment term is specified in the investment decision or the investment license and is considered the lifetime of the project.

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Sense of investment

Not only is it a personal benefit (profit), but the investment also brings benefits to society (economic benefit) through the direct impact the investment brings. If you compare these characteristics to an activity, you can already judge whether it is an investment or not.

Instructions on how to get rich quick investing

Open a photocopying and printing workshop

How to get rich by investing Printing and photocopying at a glance many people think is not cost effective. However, once analyzed closely, you will see that it is a potential springboard for investing. Opening a copy shop is the right choice for the question “”, with only a capital of 100-120 million, you can start a photo shop business with basic equipment such as photocopiers, color printers, .. .

If you take advantage of how to get rich by investing location, customers (near universities, units, …) then this commercial work from the 3rd month has brought you benefits. This is one of the 10 get-rich-quick ways you should try.

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Sell ​​books online

You only have a limited capital of about 10 million VND, but you still want how to get rich by investing? Next, let’s start with the online book selling model. This is one of the 10 quickest ways to get rich quick that many people apply and succeed. Because the demand for reading books is increasing day by day.

You need to identify a group of potential customers, invest in the books they are interested in or the best selling books such as get rich, life skills, etc. Regarding the purchase of books, you must contact the booksellers. discounts when buying. At the same time, you also need to equip yourself with more knowledge to make money online so that you can leverage sales and take advantage of Facebook page channels, Instagram channels, etc. To get rich quick in the most effective way.

The model of a café combined with an agent Keno Vietlott

1 out of 10 how to get rich by investing The fastest way is to run a cafe business, although it’s not new, but combined with extra work as an agent Keno Vietlott – an attractive new form of hourly lottery current, it will be a springboard to increase profits. for you. With the same number of customers entering the café, you will sell more computerized lotteries and vice versa.

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The amount of the initial investment is estimated at 100-150 million. When you have a steady stream of customers drinking coffee and buying lottery tickets, you can ensure profit as well as capital repayment as scheduled, or perhaps sooner. You can also carefully choose this model of how to get rich in the countryside. This path will be quite new, does not require specialized skills and little capital investment.

Sell ​​exam preparation services

Opening exam preparation services (English, high school diploma, …) have a relatively light initial investment amount, used for premises, easy facilities, etc. closely monitor student needs, as well as changes in exam structure, etc.

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In addition, marketing, finding customers, if planned, will make your services grow very quickly. You can take advantage of social networks to promote the image and quality of service, through student achievements, free online problem-solving videos, etc. From 2-3 exam preparation courses, you can collect profit and start paying back.


You will find how to get rich by investing with the grocery store. Opening a grocery store serving residential areas is an easy way to easily earn 20 million/month. Even in rural areas, this is a pretty get-rich-quick model. 20 million/month is also quite an attractive number for those looking for a light selling opportunity. Notably, for those who have premises available in places such as markets and residential areas, this will be the best way to get rich at home.

Because groceries always meet the essential consumption needs of every household. However, when you open a store, you also get assistance with discounts, agent and brand gift programs to make doing business more convenient. So, if you’re in a densely populated area, don’t ignore any of these 10 quickest ways to get rich.

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Thanks for reading the article on how to get rich by investing above here. With the information I share, I hope it helps you overcome your difficulties and questions. I always wish you success in life.

Loc Nguyen – Synthesis & editing

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