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Business is like going fishing if you have the tools. Business will be successful if you have enough knowledge to act and know how to apply it. But not everyone has these tools. If you have any difficulty on this, today hosodoanhnhan will summarize the how to get rich at home Please.

What is a business idea?

A business idea or in other words with the English name is a business idea, is a business invention of an individual or an organization with the aim of obtaining economic and financial benefits. Due to the infinite nature of invention, business invention ideas are many and limitless.

However, no commercial invention guarantees success. Realizing a business invention idea is hard, and succeeding is even harder. In particular, the first success factor is choosing and pursuing the right business invention idea.

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Origin of business ideas


The market is where the first business idea is born, of course. You have to look at the market to know the customers at that time, what they are thinking, doing and needing. Finding the products and services the market needs and lacks is the first lock in your entrepreneurial journey.

Still, watching the mayor is everyone’s way of finding sales ideas. In other words, if you can see a potential product or service, that means other people can see it too. Therefore, you need to be flexible and creative to come up with genuinely potential invention ideas.

Additionally, you also need to be clear whether your sales target is for the general mass market or the niche market. From there, you can come up with business ideas tailored to the market you intend to target.

Platform available

Business ideas also start from your own internal capacity. If you have a special talent, like a proven superior culinary skill, the ability to understand technology or, of course, a strong passion for fashion… know that all of your interests translate into potential sales ideas.

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For example, if you are a “chef” at home, you have imagined starting a business with a small restaurant or selling snacks, rice in the online office… if you are tech-savvy, at Why not build an idea to sell technological items & sell on merchant and electronic sites. If you love fashion, have you ever imagined selling fashion online and doing video reviews on tiktok?…


Commercial invention can also come from your own vision. In other words, if you only see trends, “trends” right now, you’ll get sales insights on hot products/services right now. However, if you have a vision for the future, you can identify the products/services that will cause storms and storms in the near future.

Instructions on how to get rich from home in a very effective way

Buy second-hand clothes online

Second-hand clothes are gradually becoming a trend how to get rich at home and are sought after by young people, due to their affordability and vintage style. If you have good fashion sense, understand how to take photos and sell live, this might be the idea how to get rich at home easy for you.

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You will go to the second-hand markets to choose each item or buy the whole set at a very cheap price, ranging from 5,000 to 100,000 VND / item, depending on the condition and the brand. Once you buy it, you need to clean it, fix minor errors like missing buttons, smudged wires, etc. to ensure product quality.

Take advantage of social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. to post images and information to promote products and reduce costs. To attract users with this low-cost way of commerce, you need to invest in a beautiful business page, well-organized images, take advantage of your fashion sense to coordinate clothes.

Sell ​​yogurt online

Selling snacks is a how to get rich at home quickly than many people have succeeded. In particular, yogurt should be mentioned, as it is an easy and healthy dish, suitable for all seasons and all types of consumers. It is therefore a product that is easy to contact with consumers, easy to consume if you find a potential market. To sell yogurt from home, you must first learn the knowledge and skills to make it.

By building a simple yet appealing menu, you’ll catch the toppings trend for adding fruit toppings and sauces to traditional yogurt. The next thing is to communicate with consumers and propagate product images through articles about snack groups, students, etc. on the Facebook page. With the price around 15,000 – 25,000 VND / bottle of yogurt and 5,000 – 10,000 VND / topping. You only need to invest a capital of around 10 million, if you sell an average of around 10 bottles/day, you can fully recover after a few months of applying this way to get rich at the House.

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Sneaker Shoe Decoration Drawing Service

Custom shoes are often understood roughly as drawing shoes, “customizing” shoes, renewing shoes are the strong point of many young people at present, especially the sneakerhead community – shoe enthusiasts. If you have good hand-drawing skills, high taste and sensitivity to fashion trends, it’s how to get rich at home for you. To be able to start this form of business with little capital, in addition to your artistic ability, you need to invest in a set of paints (50,000 – 150,000 VND/bottle).

At first, if you want to save money, you just need to buy the base colors and mix them to make a new color instead of buying all the colors. Additionally, you need to invest in images, take product photos and post them in sneaker groups/forums to reach and spread service announcements. The price of custom services can range from 200,000 to millions of dong, of which the price of design, painting and artistic value accounts for the majority.

Babysitting service

Currently, not everyone has the conditions and the time to take care of children full time. It is important that office workers, laborers, etc. must work 8 hours a day, overtime. So the babysitting service is how to get rich at home extremely potential.

If you love children, have childcare skills, or additionally have some preschool knowledge, you can completely try this low-capital selling method. You can start by babysitting friends and neighbors in your home, or you can invest or provide capital to open a private preschool at home. Fees for babysitting services can vary from 70,000 to 150,000 VND/hour, as long as you keep a few babies/day, the monthly income can reach several tens to several hundreds of millions of millions per month.

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Thanks for reading the article on how to get rich at home above here. With the information I share, I hope it helps you overcome your difficulties and questions. I always wish you success in life.

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