There’s a strong possibility that Mark Zuckerberg is not human; after all, some photos depict him looking like a snowman, and when testifying before Congress his eyes seem unusually vacant.

Also, there’s the matter of his love for Sweet Baby Ray’s that keeps resurfacing online. People just can’t seem to let go of this issue!

1. He’s a great entrepreneur

Zuckerberg may have been introverted by nature, yet he had an expansive vision for his company and always thought ahead about where it could go. Additionally, he took risks to reach success; something which enabled him to be such an outstanding entrepreneur.

He co-founded Facebook in his Harvard dorm room, leaving after his sophomore year to devote himself solely to building it full time. Now, Facebook boasts over two billion active users worldwide.

Zuckerberg is an outstanding leader, known for his talent at building relationships. He’s often been called a “people person.” Additionally, he’s well-recognized for making wise business decisions while remaining hard working and knowing how to delegate tasks effectively.

While some have criticized him for lacking empathy, Zuckerberg has responded to these criticisms in an admirably mature manner. He has worked tirelessly to improve himself as a leader and learn from his errors; furthermore he has accepted tough challenges like testifying before senators and House panels regarding an alleged hijacking of personal data from millions of Facebook users; these achievements only demonstrate his excellent entrepreneurialism. This alone illustrates why Mark Zuckerberg makes for such an excellent entrepreneur.

2. He’s a great leader

As CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is widely respected as an excellent leader. He constantly looks for ways to enhance the company and help his employees while making difficult decisions quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, he’s known to be an excellent communicator who can motivate team members.

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One of the most remarkable characteristics of Zuckerberg’s leadership style is his unique blend of approaches. He employs both transformational and autocratic strategies in his efforts to get maximum productivity from his team, with strong visionary influence who’s never afraid to try new ideas.

He continually seeks ways to enhance Facebook and its products, encouraging his employees to be creative and think out-of-the-box. Furthermore, he works toward eliminating traditional hierarchies in the workplace through methods such as using glass walls in his office as barriers between him and them.

Furthermore, he show his employees his support by giving them incredible benefits and rewards. Engineers receive substantial financial bonuses upon achieving certain goals while business executives have their stock options doubled – proof that he values performance while rewarding hardworking employees accordingly. This demonstrates his leadership as one who values performance as much as being able to recognize employee effort with recognition for hard work done.

3. He’s a great friend

As one of the world’s most powerful figures, Zuckerberg must be doing something right. He’s made millions, created an $8-billion company and even starred in his own movie; yet what truly distinguishes him as great is being such a wonderful friend; helping countless individuals along his journey and always there when you need someone.

But the real question should be whether or not Zuckerberg is human?

Many people believe that Zuckerberg is not human. Their perception is based on his appearance and behavior – often appearing serious and distant, leading some people to suspect he may actually be an alien robot instead.

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Despite such allegations, Zuckerberg has denied being non-human and even posted a video showing himself giving advice to high school student. This video quickly went viral after it was posted on Reddit “videos.”

It has been watched more than 7,000 times. In this video, Zuckerberg clearly states he is 100% human, as well as discussing how he has helped improve communities by making charitable donations to schools and charities. Furthermore, he discusses his personal life such as living in a modest house and driving a Volkswagen.

4. He’s a great human being

Mark Zuckerberg never envisioned Facebook as a business venture; rather he used technology to bring people together through connecting them through technology. That passion can be seen throughout all his actions – his vision for improving life on Earth has inspired billions in donations as he remains deeply committed to future generations and global issues such as climate change.

He has also proven his leadership credentials by handling criticism well and remaining confident in his decisions, something that all leaders require of themselves if they hope for long-term growth in their companies. These characteristics have enabled him to guide his company through difficult times with success.

Zuckerberg stands out as an admirable human being for many reasons, including his humility and openness. He speaks candidly with reporters regarding Facebook matters – an uncommon move among high-profile executives but one which has earned him respect – while being open to questions from lawmakers or individuals with privacy policy concerns about Facebook; such acts show his integrity as well as willingness to be transparent with everyone – something all great humans strive towards doing themselves! In these ways alone he makes for an amazing entrepreneur as well as role model.