is mark zuckerberg a human

Zuckerberg may be an admirable man, but to reach his level of power you need to have something more sinister in you.

Even after years of soul searching at Facebook, Zuckerberg still views people as data consumers and often uses technical language when discussing problems caused by his platform.

He’s a robot

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s behavior has caused numerous jokes to emerge questioning whether or not he is truly human. For example, when he posted a photo of himself riding a hydrofoil surfboard while wearing excessive sunscreen to be more efficient at surfing, this provoked numerous memes comparing him to horror movie characters; Snoop Dogg and other celebrities were even mentioned among these comparisons.

Zuckerberg developed an early passion for computers while growing up in Dobbs Ferry, New York. At 12 he created his first messaging program using Atari BASIC and began programming computer games for friends. His father ran a dental practice while his mother was a psychiatrist.

Since then, Zuckerberg has amassed an immense fortune worth billions. Much of it has gone towards efforts to combat disease while his and his wife Priscilla Chan have raised four children together. Additionally, he has invested in numerous companies and projects.

Zuckerberg seems unconcerned by opulence or luxury; his home in Palo Alto is relatively modest, and he drives cars valued below $30,000. But he spends heavily on security for himself and his family.

He’s a cyborg

Every CEO has an image, but tech CEOs in particular often stand out. Bill Gates may be perceived as being somewhat shy but gets good at explaining himself, while Steve Jobs was brilliantly focused, Jeff Bezos aggressively competent, and Elon Musk amazing creative but unpredictable. Meanwhile Mark Zuckerberg is more often depicted as an angry introvert like Jesse Eisenberg depicted him in The Social Network.

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Zuckerberg’s image is one of the primary factors why many view him as a robot, and he does little to disprove this assumption. His frequent use of computer programming jargon that sounds more robotic than human speech and his tendency to view people simply as data points is likely the result of growing up in Silicon Valley where technology reigns supreme.

Lex Fridman recently offered up a challenge for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s cyborg status. Lex asked him to circle traffic lights perfectly – an effortless feat which proved beyond doubt that he is most definitely not an artificial intelligence robot! When challenged, Mark laughed, further disproving any notion that he might be one.

Cyborg refers to any organism who feels deeply connected with technology. While Haraway argued that we are becoming cyborgs ourselves, many aspects of everyday life demonstrate this trend.

He’s a hologram

Mark Zuckerberg seems like the perfect candidate to thrive in celebrity culture, flashing focus-grouped smiles at every opportunity and connecting with people through a glance. That being said, his image has often been misconstrued as being robotic; perhaps that will soon change?

Meta’s CEO recently discussed virtual and augmented reality with YouTube personality Marques Brownlee (MKBHD). He expressed that hologram meetings will become common within five years; believing they’ll create deeper human bonds than before. They explored two Greek tech start-ups which might help make this possible.

He discussed his philanthropy work. Together with his wife Priscilla Chan, they have donated billions to efforts to cure disease while building strong communities in Hawaii. Together they’ve established an expansive real estate empire there as well as having three young daughters.

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He’s invested heavily in technology, holding shares of virtual-reality company Oculus Rift and drone-maker Titan Aerospace. Imagine flying your drone into your office to see an interactive version of your boss appear before your eyes; what an intriguing prospect – especially as we move further toward virtual and augmented realities in our daily lives.

He’s a telepath

Zuckerberg appears remarkably grounded for someone worth billions. He’s known to be an attentive father and supporter of charitable causes, while displaying little flashiness of wealth. He’s been seen driving relatively affordable vehicles like the Honda Fit and Acura TSX; unlike some billionaires he does not seem interested in driving expensive models like Pagani Huayra costing over 1.3 million.

Zuckerberg recently suggested in a live video that future technology will allow individuals to “think of something and send it directly into someone’s brain.”

Zuckerberg first discussed telepathic technology during a 2015 live chat, when he disclosed that teams have been created to work on creating digital versions of all six senses, including telepathy.

Zuckerberg is known to take himself less seriously than most, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that he sometimes comes off robotic. US podcast host Lex Fridman recently asked Meta CEO to complete a CAPTCHA test during their interview – with Zuckerberg smiling while circleing all traffic lights as required; the clip was later shared on Reddit with thousands of upvotes!