Success in settings like those requires a special kind of person, one who can put forth focused smiles after every sentence and connect with people through direct eye contact. Even rarer is someone willing to run for president.

Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress about human trafficking on his platforms has generated much debate as to whether or not he is human. Here are a few reasons we think otherwise.

He looks like a robot

After Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress last year, his public speaking abilities inspired internet memes featuring him sipping water as though from an automaton-like robot nozzle. Joe Rogan even made fun of this impression during an interview on his podcast with him.

Zuckerberg still views people as data points when discussing human suffering that Facebook has often enabled through their platform, evident by his use of computer programming language when discussing them.

Zuckerberg’s awkwardness can also be seen in how he interacts with his employees. His interactions with them appear robotic, and he strives to appear natural on camera despite feeling nervous at all times. He appears nervous but manages to hide it as much as possible.

He has taken risks by forgoing traditional PR tactics often used by high-profile CEOs, with interviews by Kara Swisher revealing his social awkwardness and taking hard questions about Cambridge Analytica and platform privacy posed to him directly by them. These candid interviews give an incredible glimpse into a CEO’s thinking without benefit of an extensive PR machine; though risky for high-profile people, these candid discussions reveal their true beliefs.

He is a robot

Mark Zuckerberg’s peculiar expression has led some to speculate that he might be an artificial intelligence robot. This rumor began after pictures from his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee and House Commerce Committee regarding Cambridge Analytica’s data leak of millions of Facebook users were made public, during which his serious face and strange expression were widely noted by people across social media platforms.

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Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told NBC News that he is working to enhance both his public speaking abilities and interpersonal relationships. Although he acknowledged not coming across as warm at times, something else may be at work here: his use of computer programming jargon indicates he sees people less as people than as data points.

Zuckerberg appears to be driven by more than just business aspirations when it comes to his desire to control the world; his drive comes from something more intangible, an ideology or even religion. He seems determined to convince us he knows best what humanity needs to do, and should entrust his guidance. In many ways he’s like religious or political party leaders but with far more money and influence – dangerous stuff! Nobody gets this level of power without an agenda in mind, which is exactly what Zuckerberg is selling us.

He is a sentient being

People have expressed grave fears that artificial intelligence (AI) will take over and kill us all, including Stephen Hawking himself. But there’s no need to panic yet; while AI technology continues to advance rapidly, there is no evidence it has become sentient or will ever threaten humanity in any way.

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO, recently defended the security policies of his company after news surfaced of human trafficking activities taking place via its platforms in Florida. Additionally, he highlighted the need to protect children online; but some commentators are accusing him of deliberately misleading the public.

CEOs tend to project an image that mirrors their personality; some tech CEOs may appear distant and reserved while others can be more exuberant and bold. Many people have questions about Mark Zuckerberg’s behavior that warrant further exploration.

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One of the more widely held conspiracy theories about Facebook is that it was created by an alien reptilian creature from outer space to gather data on what it means to be human. This theory stems from world-renowned conspiracy theorist David Icke’s claim that all major powers in the world are actually evil reptilian aliens; although such speculation may seem outlandish at best and completely ridiculous at worst. Yet thinking about such possibilities can still be entertaining!

He is a reptilian

Pop culture influences like “Men in Black” and the X-Files has reinforced the belief that reptilian aliens rule our world. Harvard graduates with close connections to actors wearing reptile-scaly makeup, alongside naked people attracted by them may help as well. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg may have made the wrong call when he donned heavy sunscreen during one of his live sessions during March; that decision caused quite the stir on internet forums and subreddits alike.

Zuckerberg recently concluded an hour-long Q&A on Facebook where he addressed questions regarding VR’s future and his daily morning routine, among other subjects. But one commenter asked whether the billionaire is indeed some type of shape-shifting reptilian bent on world dominance.

As strange as it might sound, this line of inquiry has precedent. Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld faced similar scrutiny from New Zealand radio host Louis C.K, who accused him of being an alien being. As anyone familiar with “The X-Files” knows, some conspiracy theorists have suggested that our world may actually be run by secret lizard-alien agents. Mark Zuckerberg can probably brush off such questions more easily since he looks more human than some of Elon Musk’s training rooms full of naked men while wearing dad trainers around his house!