La Trọng Nhơn - CEO LADIGI đem đến cái nhìn hoàn toàn mới về SEO

La Trong Nhon – CEO of LADIGI Companyknown as a young person full of energy, enthusiasm and constantly learning new knowledge.

With what he has accumulated through his studies and work, Nhon is currently building his own business. Always eager to share his knowledge on digital marketing, help those who are new to the profession to approach the right direction and achieve the objectives set.

How did La Trong Nhon experience her studies and work?

As a guy born in 1992 and graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Law, majoring in Business Administration in 2014. After graduating, La Nhon started his first job in as a social media employee. The main job is to write content for the website and do Facebook ads.

During the process of working and exploring new knowledge, Nhon started to find herself every day loving this job more and wanting to learn more about online marketing.

From there, the process of self-exploration and learning with the desire to learn more about SEO, digital marketing. Every day, Nhon spends 1-3 hours learning about SEO. The process is quite difficult as you have to tinker and do more work in the business.

It is true that every effort is well rewarded. While La Nhon was doing SEO, he brought many new projects and significant results to the company. It is a springboard for La Nhon to further develop her skills as well as her future projects.

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After gaining SEO training, this guy continued to tinker with knowledge of Google Adwords, Email Marketing, Zalo Marketing to be able to carry out overall marketing plans.

From 2014 until today, what La Nhon has accumulated has been shared with many young people who share the same interests and passion for marketing as me. Create a professional SEO training environment yourself.

La Trong Nhon - CEO of LADIGI brings a whole new perspective on SEO

Established LADIGI company – bringing a whole new perspective on SEO

I started the company with the desire to be able to share what I have learned and concluded from famous books and masters around the world. Additionally, there are lessons on the work process and experience when getting started with SEO.

La Nhon always wants to bring a whole new perspective on SEO, constantly updating new algorithms for those who really love this industry.

“LADIGI’s mission is to train the “golden generation” and to be able to answer all questions and difficulties in the field of Digital Marketing. We are always confident that we can help you access the appropriate and most practical industry knowledge with your business.

In addition, LADIGI is also a leading unit trusted by small and medium-sized businesses, chosen for effective digital marketing implementation. With LADIGI, your sales will continue to grow, and your budget will always be optimal!” La Trong Nhon – CEO LADIGI

La Trong Nhon - CEO of LADIGI brings a whole new perspective on SEO

In addition to teaching knowledge about marketing in the new era, LADIGI is also a company providing marketing services and global SEO services for each company, brand. The objective and the motto of the operation is not only to render services but also to accompany the brands on the way to asserting their name.

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Contact information:

  • Address: 1005/42 Nguyen Kiem, Ward 3, Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Telephone number: 090 222 8527
  • Website: