Tìm Hiểu Phương Pháp Quản Trị OKR Là Gì?

For reach speed develop go on and sustainableleaders and team of many employees need recognize clear and focus on THE target to prioritize. OKR. management method is known as one of the new and effective methods of target management in business.

OKR is the method has been created For system settings aim match. Come with us find out more on the method administration this through the following article!

What is the OKR management method?

OKR helps to establish a link internal organization by link target the company, aim the same department target personally to the results specifically. 2 Main characteristics of the method establish aim These popular ones include:


1. Structure of the OKR management method

OKR. management method has been created swing two questions different.

  • Target (Objective): I desire where to go?
  • Key result: I come there by any?

Objective there aim the company, department or individual. In at this momentKey result are steps to measure necessary For reach the goal.

This system is maintained from the top level device in the organization to each individual, create connection between layers target influence each other and help people share a common goal.

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2. Principle of operation

point of difference by OKR compare with rules manage target the other is based on the system trust Or:

  • Ambition: the goal is always good setting above threshold ability
  • Measurable: the key result is linked to milestones ability measurable.
  • Transparency: total members from CEO to intern are all maybe follow OKR the company.
  • Calculate performance: OKR is not good to use For Assess performance do the work of the employee

Method approach It’s unique growth by Andy Grove at Intel Corporation, then John Doer continued to inherit and popularize this method at Google.

NOTTodayOKR has been manipulate at the store thousand organization include both Spotify and the US Navy.

Advantage when applying the OKR management method.

1.Hperformance work

Numerous studies have shown that: Employee groups that apply OKRs in their work report business higher profits, yes performance work GOOD that the group Not Applicable.

Actuallymany staff wish business Me manipulate OKR in the future.

EPS Vietnam is recruiting

2. Cultivation business

Advantage the biggest of the OKR management method is the impact intense in culture of the companyTO DO move way of thinking of administration thanks to pure KPIs to work reach the goal In work.

Help from OKRs business promote count professionalcreating transparency, is a guideline to guide the way all members together to the same destination in the future.

3. Guidance strategy

4.Cbe careful of essential thing best

Not only help you identify West Priority OKR Also eliminate jobs? important, ability divert your attention.

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5.Sclose connection

Explain the attachment between two people - giadinh365

Help engage employees with businessdo them discovered Everything I do has a meaning certain.

Errors generally when applying OKR

Mistakes to avoid when translating - Master Translation Company

1. Apply OKRs like a to-do list

Manipulate OKR to measure if you add value, not for distribution role. because of that, you have to LAW to understand the difference between value-based and activity-based key results.

2.Tsetting too DISTRICT

This error is a common consequence of the first time apply. Instead of make a list OKR list, please list the OKRs first aid. OKR is define what are you about Most important in the neighborhood there.

3. Don’t link your OKRs

OKR method is a tool link, should Never Friend setting Its OKR in isolation. you have to LAW talk with other teams.

4. “Turn it off and forget it.”

OKR is not New Year’s resolutions. whether Do Not Track frequent, you will be Never have been they.


Method administration DISTRICT is part of methods support business managemeasure, comment All right efficiencybuild oriented development.

Simultaneously, business Also maybe system settings formadvance ability staff in abilitystep by step develop business.

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Minh Thao – Synthesize, edit
(Reference sources: maisonoffice, resources, …)