Doanh nhân Lương Hoàng Anh tiểu sử đời sống

Entrepreneur Luong Hoang Anh caused a stir in the online community. SO businessman Luong Hoang Anh Who is? Let’s find and analyze more information through the content below.

Who is businessman Luong Hoang Anh?

Entrepreneur Luong Hoang Anh informs you

Luong Hoang Anh is a famous businessman. She is also the ex-wife of actor Huy Khanh. Although rarely featured in the press, stories related to Huy Khanh’s son and businessman, Luong Hoang Anh, still grab people’s attention.

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In what year was she born?

Luong Hoang Anh was born in 1974. Luong Hoang Anh is a beautiful, intelligent and profound woman. And each property is “too much” than usual. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, Luong Hoang Anh still loves herself with gym exercises or the way she respectfully puts on her lips a bright red lipstick, so even though she is under 40, she has looks quite young.

Biography of Luong Hoang Anh

In 2005, the couple got married after knowing each other for 3 months. At that time, Hoang Anh was 35 years old and had 2 children, and Huy Khanh was 26 years old. Overcome all doubts and whispers of friends. As a result of this love, they had a child together. However, the love between “young pilot” Huy Khanh and Hoang Anh did not last long.

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Luong Hoang Anh is also a searched keyword for many online communities. She also made noise by publicly criticizing actress Hong Anh for “stealing her husband”, mocking designer Do Manh Cuong and disparaging Miss H’Hen Nie for wearing slippers.

Daily life

Recently, Huy Khanh’s ex-wife was accused of ‘shocking’ her ex-husband’s top talent. The noise comes from the fact that she was mocked by netizens for not taking care of her son Ghini’s appearance, leaving him to dress sloppily when he went out. The public even picked up Cat – Huy Khanh’s daughter with Mac Anh Thu – as a measure against Ghini to show the difference.

Not to mention that she constantly showed a defiant attitude and bragged about her “father’s son” origin, making everyone more repulsive. Instead of the beautiful image of yesteryear, Luong Hoang Anh causes boredom every time she appears in the newspaper or writes a concern on her personal page.

Everyday Confessions

Luong Hoang Anh’s close friends told her that she loved and adored Huy Khanh. Until much later. Until recently, just last month, when I had the opportunity to chat with Luong Hoang Anh, in the new “Lighting” section of, when we finished our activities, she really seated gorgeous in a luxurious velvet dress.

Luong Hoang Anh, founder of Vietnamese brand

Entrepreneur Luong Hoang Anh there are still a few words that are “sad” in the third person. Feelings like his pride were hurt too hard, too fiercely. To the point of producing deep furrows both in the subconscious and in the heart. How much passion this love contained, but the spread of his pain over the years has not faded so much. It must be above love, until it becomes adoration!

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What is Luong Hoang Anh doing?

Luong Hoang Anh is the founder of – premium skin care cosmetics. Luong Hoang Anh has 15 years of experience in finance, sales and 18 years in marketing. Development of brands in the field of cosmetics in the Vietnamese market.

Having acquired extensive professional experience, Luong Hoang Anh worked at the IFC/World Bank for the Asian market. She also successfully introduced Swedish cosmetics brand Oriflame to Vietnam. Hoang Anh has been developing ORGANICARE products since 2011.

True scam rumors of Luong Hoang Anh

On August 18, 2020, Facebooker HH, quite famous in the online community, published an article exposing the business tactics of Huy Khanh’s ex-wife – Luong Hoang Anh.

Luong Hoang Anh, founder of Vietnamese brand

Entrepreneur Luong Hoang Anh According to the user, out of sympathy for Luong Hoang Anh’s “one mother and three children” situation, she bought support and created the conditions for her to earn money for charity. But this person thinks they have placed their trust in the wrong place when businessman Luong takes advantage of sympathy to sell shoddy products, causing prices to skyrocket.

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Through the article above, told you about businessman Luong Hoang Anh life biography. I hope the information in this article will be useful to readers.

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