Mark Zuckerberg recently made an appearance on Joe Rogan’s popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. They conversed for nearly three hours.

Joe Rogan applauded Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for entering his first Jiu-Jitsu competition this weekend and winning two medals – showing that the billionaire may have found himself an impressive new hobby!

The Interview

Though his appearance on Rogan’s popular podcast caused some to take note, most of the discussion focused on technology and life management. He revealed that he practices jiujitsu as a form of meditation to “reset” from work stress: it requires full body engagement but gives you time to breathe once done – something which feels good once finished: “And once finished you can take a deep breath.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressed the topic of social media polarization by noting that extreme political division in America predated social networks like Facebook. He pointed to studies by mathematicians and other academics demonstrating their profiting from such division.

Rogan asked Zuckerberg whether he regretted restricting New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story during the 2020 election campaign. Although acknowledging that the article was false, Facebook did not delete it entirely and simply tweaked their algorithm to limit its reach. They also discussed Meta’s forthcoming headset with advanced eye and facial tracking that will allow virtual avatars to look directly into each other’s faces.

Meta’s New Virtual-Reality Headset

Meta’s new headset marks another step toward realizing its vision of a metaverse – where virtual creations overlay onto an immersive view of physical reality – and also marks an important milestone for the company; expectedly marking their entry into high-end market for headsets without PC or console connections.

Meta’s Quest 2 headset was one of the top sellers in 2021’s consumer virtual reality market, featuring upgrades such as outward-facing cameras that capture 3D livestream of your real surroundings, which allows mixed reality applications like hanging virtual paintings on walls or having virtual balls hit real tables.

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Though the hardware looks impressive, the experience remains somewhat subpar. According to Scherma, while he could wear the Quest Pro for short durations at a time he found it challenging. Additionally, as this headset only offers two hours of battery life it wouldn’t allow long sessions in it without needing to recharge periodically.


Governments often employ these mechanisms in order to control public expression that may threaten morals or public order, often through filtering systems like this one.

Zuckerberg discussed his personal life and its importance for him as well as some controversial aspects of his work in a podcast interview hosted by Bloomberg TV. He applauded gig economy jobs as providing more creative work opportunities than traditional labor and spoke in support of immersive technology developed by Facebook as being necessary to creating a better world, even though its use depends on user-generated content.

He addressed his controversial brain implants by noting that “normal people won’t want them” but they can aid with recovery from traumatic injuries, seemingly contradicting statements made earlier on the 2 Bears 1 Cave podcast.

Rogan was quick to question Zuckerberg on the extent of Facebook and other companies’ censorship practices, specifically regarding New York Post reporter Hunter Biden’s laptop story from 2020 and whether this decision had anything to do with an FBI warning that they should remain wary for Russian propaganda.


Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art that emphasizes grappling and ground fighting techniques, developed by Brazil’s Gracie family through adaptation of techniques from their Samurai instructors Jigoro Kano and Mitsuyo Maeda (also known as “Count Koma”). BJJ serves as both self defense training as well as exercise; its aim being to improve health while increasing positive feelings towards life.

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Last year, Mark Zuckerberg discussed his newfound love for jiu-jitsu while appearing on Joe Rogan Experience podcast. He shared that he started practicing this form of martial arts to reduce stress and stay in shape; also using it to ward off muggers while being an effective way of fighting off muggers themselves and as an alternative to drugs and alcohol use.

Rogan noted that social media can be a significant source of anxiety for many individuals, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg must deal with it daily. Rogan stressed the need to find balance in an age when so much digital information can be easily accessed and social media continues to provide constant stimulation.


Zuckerberg is known to be an avid gym goer and uses his jiu-jitsu training as a form of stress relief while running an enormous social media platform like Facebook. According to Rogan, he also revealed his plans to study Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) to emulate some of his new idols like Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor from UFC.

At his nearly 3-hour appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, Mark Zuckerberg was subjected to vigorous questioning regarding Facebook’s approach to content moderation, censorship and data privacy in the metaverse. While doing his best to avoid inconvenient facts while shifting blame away from himself and onto others for Facebook’s current challenges.

Zuckerberg was asked about Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain chip startup and responded that its technology is still too far-off to be practical. While he believes the world is moving toward more personal connections, but at an insufficiently gradual rate. Furthermore, he discussed how much information he receives each day but can’t process all at once while sitting at his computer; to recharge physically he prefers Jiu-Jitsu to running since both require full concentration.