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Mark Zuckerberg shared his passion for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other physical activities with Joe Rogan on an episode of his podcast. Together they spent nearly three hours discussing his work and lifestyle.

Zuckerberg also discussed Facebook’s role in censoring content that may be offensive or provocative, noting that the FBI warned him to look out for potential divisive material ahead of the 2020 presidential election.


Facebook has long been embroiled in various controversies. Some scandals were so grave as to force founder Mark Zuckerberg before Congress for questioning; others related to privacy practices at Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg used an interview with Joe Rogan to try to address allegations that Meta Platforms is a monopoly that undermines democracy and erodes personal well-being. The billionaire co-founder of Facebook spoke with Rogan during Thursday’s episode of the “Joe Rogan Experience,” an enormously popular podcast with more than 11 million listeners per episode, and asserted that free expression was paramount at Meta.

Zuckerberg attempted to explain the “trade offs” associated with moderately a platform with billions of users and pages during his three-hour podcast. He stated that Facebook works towards taking down as much offensive or harmful content as possible while still taking into consideration that good material may get deleted as well.

The interview was an elaborate show of propaganda for a multibillion-dollar company. Zuckerberg adeptly dodged inconvenient facts and blame, with Rogan offering little resistance. At its core, 173 minutes of PR propaganda masqueraded as discussion were presented as dialogue.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is one of the fastest growing martial arts, practiced by people from all walks of life for self-defense, fitness, stress relief, camaraderie and fun. Additionally it’s used by MMA fighters for submission holds and grappling. Last year Mark Zuckerberg even admitted his interest in BJJ on Joe Rogan Experience’s episode featuring Mackenzie Dern’s fight with Xiaonan Yan.

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This week, Zuckerberg made waves when he competed in his inaugural BJJ competition and won both gold and silver medals, much to the delight of martial arts enthusiasts. Joe Rogan quickly commended Zuckerberg on Wednesday’s episode of The Joe Rogan Experience while sitting down with comedians Kim Congdon and Sara Weinshenk to discuss their forthcoming stand-up comedy show.

Jiu-Jitsu differs from other martial arts in that its focus lies more in getting an opponent down on their knees for control without physical contact, which explains why more law enforcement agencies are turning to BJJ training. Furthermore, this method provides safe and effective self-defense options for women as well as men alike and has proven more successful than combat sports like boxing or wrestling in terms of self-defence capabilities. While other styles have gained prominence due to Hollywood movies or Olympic competition, BJJ has grown immensely through real world fighting techniques developed specifically to meet real world conditions.

Mixed Martial Arts

Mark Zuckerberg recently took up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as an exercise routine and fitness strategy. The Facebook founder has competed in multiple local tournaments – even winning gold at one no-gi event! – and credits it with helping him become a better businessperson.

Zuckerberg appreciates the philosophies taught by BJJ and MMA. He finds learning the positions beneficial in understanding how logically to apply techniques in his everyday life, as well as improving his mental wellbeing through training.

Last September, Mark Zuckerberg shared an Instagram video of himself sparring with Khai Wu and many commentators were highly complimentary about his impressive skills. Joe Rogan even gave Zuckerberg his stamp of approval by writing that his combos looked clean.

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Even though he’s only been training for a short while, Zuckerberg appears to be making swift strides forward. On Joe Rogan Experience podcast he told listeners he loves MMA because it requires constant focus; otherwise “if you stop paying attention for even one second you end up on the ground.”

But it appears as if Maye Musk isn’t supportive of her son’s MMA career. The Meta CEO’s mother has expressed her disapproval openly and encouraged him to focus on his work instead.


Joe Rogan loves talking tech! Recently he sat down with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg for a three-hour conversation that explored topics ranging from VR fitness and simulation theory. Although at times dry, they shared valuable insight about each company involved.

Zuckerberg also discussed the future of social media and virtual reality, emphasizing their power to bring people closer together through meaningful interactions. He stressed the significance of accepting failure as part of life’s lessons in order to become better both personally and professionally.

He discussed the future of remote work and its advantages, believing it will allow people to relocate to various parts of the country while stimulating local economies, freeing people from daily commutes. However, he cautioned that remote work was not as effective as traditional methods.

Zuckerberg addressed concerns over Big Tech’s impact on US politics, specifically Facebook. He asserted that extremist content does not originate on his platform but rather is amplified through algorithms, while denying profits from polarization. Additionally, his company strives to decrease false information spread among their userbase while their team dedicated to fact-checking content also exists.